One team to serve you

The Foursquare One Team exists to serve our local leaders and churches, from the first day of credentialing all the way through retirement. Dig in to learn more about who these people are and why they are so committed to our leaders.

What is the “One Team”?

Previously known as the central office, the Foursquare One Team is ready to serve our local churches. No longer working exclusively from Los Angeles, the team is nationally distributed throughout the U.S., and is ready to help you and your church through every step of the journey. Take a moment to get to know the leaders of this crew and how they serve our local leaders.

District Supervisory Teams

Atlantic District

Chanda Crutcher

District Supervisor

Durant Kreider

Associate Supervisor

Jake Cordell

Associate Supervisor

Gil Dirmann

Associate Supervisor

Central District

Antonio Sims

District Supervisor

Beth Hackbarth

Associate Supervisor

Esperanza Morphis

Associate Supervisor

National Hispanic District

Martín Ruarte

District Supervisor

Rolando Cortes

Associate Supervisor

Marysol Ramos

Associate Supervisor

Denny Truett

Associate Supervisor

Northwest District

Steve Mickel

District Supervisor

David Eddy

Associate Supervisor

Molly DuQue

Associate Supervisor

Pacific District

Sheldon Lacsina

District Supervisor

Western District

Mark Slomka

District Supervisor

Grace Kladnik

Associate Supervisor

Tim Russell

Associate Supervisor

Joe Hernandez

Associate Supervisor

Mission-Focused Leaders

Emily Plater

Shared Mission

Paul Greer

Foursquare Missions International

Jay Bean

Foursquare Disaster Relief

Bob Hensel

Interim Director of Foursquare Chaplains International

Ric Guerra, D.B.A

Ministry Operations

Russell Joyce

Foursquare Multiply

Senior Leadership Officers

Randy Remington


Ted Vail, D.I.S.

Senior VP of Global Operations

Wendy Nolasco

VP/General Supervisor

Adam Davidson

VP of Administrative Operations

Jarrod Kula

Chief Financial Officer

Foursquare Business

Interested in learning how business matters are executed within Foursquare? Visit our business page to view amendments, download the most recent copy of the Foursquare bylaws or view the cabinet meeting report.