Foursquare Insurance

Whether you need to purchase insurance for your Foursquare property or need to file a claim, we are here to help.

Being involved in ministry isn’t without risk.

Foursquare Insurance Services, serviced by Gallagher Insurance, is here to provide insurance, risk management, and risk control services for churches, schools, daycare centers, colleges, institutes, districts, and camps of The Foursquare Church.

Summary of insurance coverage

Looking for a general summary of opportunities for insurance coverage? Download and review a summary of this year’s Policy Information notebook.

For customer service questions or to report a claim, please call 833.813.5580. Otherwise, you can email customer service or email the claims department.

For claims, please provide the Foursquare Client No. #005053 and your church ID code when reporting a loss.

Worker’s compensation posting notices

If you have any employees who are paid either salary or housing allowance please review the process to download, print, and post your Workers’ Compensation posting notices. It is very important you follow these instructions or you could be fined several thousand dollars if your labor notices are not on a bulletin board in a location that can be seen by all your employees.

To start, find your state. Print out the notice(s) and be sure to print the correct size. Many are available in English and Spanish.