Foursquare Cabinet

Meet your Foursquare cabinet members

The Foursquare cabinet comprises the board of directors, district supervisors and ministerial representatives who are selected from the various voting regions throughout the United States. The Foursquare cabinet meets at least annually and may meet additional times at the request of the board, to receive reports, give counsel concerning the overall ministry of The Foursquare Church, and to act as a nominating committee in the selection of a president.

The following individuals comprise the Foursquare Cabinet.

  • Elwin Ahu  
  • Rohan Anderson 
  • Mario Barahona 
  • Will Barrow* 
  • Eduardo Bogea 
  • Ken Bringas 
  • Glenn Burris 
  • John Cabello 
  • Jennifer Canaya-Michel* 
  • Heidi Chambers  
  • Mark Chester 
  • Ryan Coffey 
  • Chanda Crutcher 
  • Cynthia Cruz** 
  • Adam Davidson 
  • Fidel Fernandez* 
  • Kurt Fuller 
  • Tiffa Garza**  
  • Tatiana Guzman 
  • Bob Hensel 
  • Evelyn Hernandez 
  • Shealyn Hood** 
  • Keith Jenkins 
  • Scott Jenkins 
  • Jarrod Kula 
  • Sheldon Lacsina 
  • Omar Lara* 
  • Karl Leuthauser  
  • Whitney Lewellyn* 
  • Chris Manginelli 
  • Albert Martinez 
  • Karen Maurizio** 
  • Michael McReynolds* 
  • Steve Mickel 
  • Heather Moore 
  • Lori Nagaoka 
  • Andrew Nakamura 
  • Wendy Nolasco 
  • Doretha O’Quinn 
  • James Patterson 
  • Regan Pickrel** 
  • Nate Poetzl 
  • Daniel Prieto 
  • Michael Remedios 
  • Randy Remington 
  • Angie Richey 
  • Martin Ruarte 
  • Herman Scales  
  • Jessica Schulze 
  • Brenda Shafer* 
  • Stan Simmons 
  • Antonio Sims 
  • Alaric Singletary  
  • Mark Slomka  
  • Arthur Snow* 
  • Sue Spousta 
  • Brenda Truett 
  • Sarah Turbedsky* 
  • Kevin Twombly 
  • Authority Ugbenin 
  • Ted Vail  
  • Mary Walsh 
  • Elesha West** 
  • Jared Yamaguchi* 
  • Jeff Young 
  • Mario Zambrano* 
  • Joan Zwerling* 

* Pastoral Representative
** Younger Representative
*** Some names withheld for security reasons

Learn more about how the cabinet is involved with the bylaw adoption process.

Executive Council

The executive council comprises the Foursquare board and cabinet as well as District Supervisors, Area Pastors and Regional Pastors. The council convenes at least once a year to approve the business to be presented to the annual Foursquare convention, which takes place immediately following Memorial Day each year.

Foursquare Business

Interested in learning how business matters are executed within Foursquare? Visit our business page to view amendents, download the most recent copy of the Foursquare bylaws or view the cabinet meeting report.

Learn more about those who lead Foursquare.