What We Are All About. Our Family Story.

The Foursquare Church meets in living rooms, stadiums and everywhere in between.
We spread God's love from Alabama to Zimbabwe, introducing the world to Jesus Christ:
the Savior, Baptizer, Healer and Soon-Coming King.

Foursquare Now and Then

Now + Then

Learn more about where we came from and who we are today. Visit the Heritage Center, and find Foursquare’s annual statistics.

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What The Foursquare Church Believes

What We Believe

Here’s an overview of our core beliefs on Salvation, the Christian walk, living the Spirit-filled life, and the afterlife.

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The Foursquare Church Mission and Vision

Mission + Distinctives

We exist to glorify God and advance His kingdom. Check out Foursquare's mission statement and our global distinctives.

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The Foursquare Church Leadership


Meet our team, including executives, district supervisors, board of directors, cabinet and executive council.

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The Foursquare Church Five Targets

Missional Objectives

Discover the three Missional Objectives for our local Foursquare churches, and watch a video about what it means for you.

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The Foursquare Church Four-Stage Model

Four-Stage Model

Learn how we are accomplishing our vision through the Four-Stage Model, our pattern of church development around the world.

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The Foursquare Church Name, Logo and Style Guide

Name + Logo

Learn more about how Foursquare got its name and what our symbols mean. Download the logos, and find the Foursquare Style Guide.

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The Foursquare Church Bylaws


Download and read our most current bylaws. Before each annual Foursquare convention, find proposed bylaw amendments.

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