Moving toward a healthier culture, together

The Foursquare Church is committed to leading in the way of Jesus with humility, integrity, mercy, and stewarding power to protect, provide for and empower others.

Need to submit an incident report?

Clergy misconduct incidents may be filed using the toll-free hotline at 844.704.9401 or through Navex’s secure online web form. You may choose to remain anonymous.

Learn more about your options for filing an incident report.

Three important resources

We encourage every church leader to read these three resources to ensure they foster a healthy culture.

Looking for a translation of the Responding to Clergy Misconduct Handbook and reporting posters for your church? Find the handbook and posters in English, Mandarin, French, Bahasa, Korean, Portuguese, Slavic and Spanish. 

Five healthy leadership milestones

Foursquare’s essential milestones to enhance organizational transparency and prevention of abuse, harassment and misconduct in the ministry context:


Clear Definitions

Providing clear definitions of newly emerging terms of ministerial misconduct and an explanation of the organization’s process to investigate and adjudicate claims.


Theological Framework

Having a clearly articulated theological framework to address how ministers will be held accountable or exonerated in accordance with Scripture.


Reporting Protocols

Reviewing and refining the organization’s protocols to ensure safe reporting environments for reporters and for the accused.


Additional Procedures

Integrating additional procedures into our polity so that all layers of leadership experience increased accountability.


Practice of Care

Continuing our practice of caring for those who have been harmed because of clergy misconduct.

Your voice matters

Foursquare stands ready to listen, engage, and provide continued care for those harmed due to clergy misconduct. If you believe you have been harmed due to misconduct by a credentialed Foursquare minister, you have options for reporting your incident.

This webpage will continue to be updated regularly as Foursquare makes further progress regarding our journey toward health, free of leadership abuse.

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