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The Foursquare Northwest District serves the following states:
Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

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Summer Camp

Make plans to connect your students with Foursquare summer camps happening all over our district. Find one happening near you.

Foursquare Leader Conference

Open to all ministers, church staff and future leaders, these gatherings are a time for prayer, worship, encouragement and connecting with your local spiritual community.

Find a local job.

Looking for a job in a Foursquare church or ministry? Check out the openings we have in the Northwest District and throughout the U.S. Looking for a senior pastor position in the Your District? Reach out to District Supervisor Steve Mickel.

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The Northwest District is part of the Foursquare One Team, which is here to serve you from credentialing to retirement.
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The Northwest District is a distributed team. There are no longer district offices. Instead, your team is spread across your district, ready to serve you. Contact an individual member of the team, or call your district at 213.201.4820.