For your church

There are more than 68,500 Foursquare churches in 150 countries around the world, and more than 1,700 churches + meeting places in the U.S. And there’s still room for your church! Learn how to join Foursquare.

Why Foursquare? Discover the benefits of joining the Foursquare movement.

Bring Your Church

Your church can join our movement in one of two ways: become a full-fledged Foursquare church as a Covenant church, or join our relational network of partners through the Foursquare Association as a Community church.

Become a Foursquare Church

When your church joins Foursquare, you will receive the spiritual care, leadership and resources that a worldwide movement can provide. There are two main paths: Covenant or Charter. Discover the difference between the two paths and the benefits available to your church.

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