Plant a Church

Foursquare is a relational, growing organization that believes in church planters. We offer what you need to follow God’s call and start your new church well.

Ready to plant a church? Let’s go.

If you feel called or are praying about the possibility of multiplying a new gospel presence, unique to the context of a particular community, you are in the right place. We are honored to walk this journey with you.


Foursquare Multiply uses a two-year cohort model for training new church leaders. We are not model-specific; we are context and mission-specific. Multiply training takes a leader through two years of robust and contextual training. Our planters will be led through personal leadership development, team dynamics, community engagement, team gathering, and support through public launch. Training is completed through online learning and two in-person retreats a year.


Foursquare Multiply partners with planters through an advisory team model. This provides church planters with support, care, and an opportunity to learn from seasoned leaders. Each planter will have an advisory team assigned to them during the 2-year cohort process.


We provide processes and training for leaders. Church plants may be eligible for funding based on pre-established funding benchmarks.

Let’s get started!

Foursquare Multiply is here to answer your questions or to begin the process of fulfilling your calling of planting a church!