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Plant a Church

Plant a Church

Foursquare is a relational, growing organization that believes in church planters. We offer what you need to follow God’s call and start your new church well.


The first, and possibly most important, step is your district's assessment. Each district uses an assessment tool that best fits that region. Connect with your district's team to get started!


Every district uses a 9- to 15-month cohort training process. Whether starting a traditional congregation, home church network or missions-minded gathering, your training will have the flexibility you need.


You will be partnered with a competent, personalized coach during training and the first season of your plant. Your coach will offer wisdom, and point out areas for growth personally and organizationally.


We provide all training and coaching free of charge. In addition, your plant may be eligible for funding, depending on benchmarks, matching funds and your proven commitment to the process.

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