Become a Foursquare Credential Coach

National credential coaches serve in coaching relationships with licensing applicants from around the country and as interview panelists on licensing interviews. 

Interested in witnessing what God is up to in Foursquare’s emerging leaders around the U.S.? We’ve saved you a front-row seat. Apply today to join the National Team of Credential Coaches.  

If you are an ordained Foursquare pastor interested in fostering healthy, growing leaders around the nation, the National Team of Credential Coaches may be for you! Joining the team comes with a front-row seat to witness innovative gospel expressions all over the U.S. This team is a collaborative partnership that champions healthy leadership, doctrinal readiness, Foursquare identity and spiritual stewardship.

Credential coaches are key stakeholders in Foursquare’s credentialing process.

Ways you can be involved as a credential coach:

Our new Foursquare licensing process was redesigned to cultivate growth. We’d love to partner with you toward Foursquare’s vision to see “more and growing leaders together on mission.”