Foursquare Retirement

Steward your financial life now in preparation for the future.

Because Foursquare believes in helping to secure your future, the Foursquare Retirement Plan has been strategically structured to help Foursquare ministers and employees prepare financially for retirement. This is just one of the ways that Foursquare is helping ministers and employees finish well.

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Retirement FAQs

The Foursquare Retirement Plan is available exclusively for U.S. Foursquare licensed ministers and compensated lay employees of the following Foursquare employers:

  • Local Foursquare churches in the United States
  • Foursquare bible colleges in the United States
  • The Foursquare One Team, district offices, and camps
  • Foursquare evangelists and chaplains

Contributions are processed via our online platform. An instructional video about our contribution platform is available here.

Elective deferrals. Voluntary contributions deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis:

  • The lesser of $23,000 or 100% of includable income

Overall limit. Includes any elective deferrals (pre and after-tax) from pay, plus any non-elective (employer) contributions (church matching and/or discretionary amounts) and the Foursquare Corporate Funding Arrangement.

  • The lesser of $69,000 or 100% of includable income

Age 50 (and above) catch-up provision. If you are, or will be age 50 in 2024, you may make up to an additional $7,500 in pre-taxed elective deferrals.

Please consult your accountant and/or financial advisor for details on the IRS limits and how they apply to your personal situation.

Salary reduction agreement. Use this form to advise your payroll supervisor of an elective deferral—you do not need to submit this form to Foursquare Retirement Services or to Lincoln Financial Group.

Print the contribution transmittal guidelines and contact Foursquare Retirement Services if you have questions on the procedures for remitting and reporting your payroll deductions. 

Rollover/transfer request. Use this form to roll over or transfer eligible funds into the Foursquare Retirement Plan. Before you complete the forms, e-mail Foursquare Retirement Services to determine that the funds are eligible to rollover/transfer under current tax laws and plan provisions.

Note: Use these forms only if you have already received a Plan Enrollment Kit.

To create a username and password for your online account, visit and follow these steps. If you would like assistance to access your online account, please contact Lincoln’s customer service at 800.234.3500.

Yes! An independent investment consultant under the guidance of the Foursquare Investment Committee has evaluated retirement plan investment options and developed six asset allocation models for participants who are unfamiliar with investing. Download the investment resources to learn more:

Financial Engines offers free retirement planning tools and investment information.

As a licensed minister, you are eligible to receive a distribution as a ministerial housing allowance up to the IRS limit (qualified housing expenses up to the fair rental value of your home). Please consult with your tax advisor to help you determine your maximum housing allowance.

The benefits payment portal

The Foursquare Retirement Plan uses a platform that allows Foursquare ministries to schedule and manage elective contributions from or for their employees. This system facilitates direct payments into individual retirement accounts using a simple and user-friendly interface. For more information about this platform, watch the helpful 7-minute video.

Need help setting up an account? Email us or call 800.613.2250.

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Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS) is dedicated to serving the Foursquare community, collaborating with churches and members, and seeing ministries and families prosper. FFS provides resources that accelerate the mission of The Foursquare Church. Learn more at the FFS homepage.

For questions about the Foursquare retirement plan, email the Foursquare Retirement Team or call 888.635.4234 ext. 4476.