Become a Missionary Worker

Take action today to reach the whole world for Christ.

Foursquare was born out of missions. Come be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission through Foursquare Missions International (FMI), our branch that prepares, deploys and supports people for worldwide ministry.

Get Involved

Feeling led to participate in missions work? There are several ways to get involved in ministering within the U.S. and abroad.

Meet the Global Mission Team

FMI’s Global Mission Team serves 16 regions covering the globe. They creatively partner with national church leaders to expand the gospel’s reach with culturally-appropriate approaches and look out for the safety and success of missionary workers in their regions.

Be part of fulfilling Christ’s great commission

Whether you go across the street or around the world, you can be part of taking the gospel to unreached people, who have not yet heard of Jesus. You can also support those going globally as you pray, give to missions and even raise up your congregation to go.

Your journey begins here.