Foursquare NextGen: cradle to college

To see a generation passionate about following Jesus, being transformed by Jesus, and on mission for Jesus.

Foursquare NextGen exists to contend for, champion, and celebrate more and growing NextGen students and leaders together on mission.


We commit to actively defending and affirming the value of the next generation of students and leaders.


We commit to actively fighting for the cause of seeing more NextGen Students and leaders together on mission.


We commit to actively acknowledging the development and achievements of NextGen students and leaders, both publicly and privately.

Upcoming NextGen events

Upcoming Events

Curated NextGen resources

Download this helpful list of NextGen resources, curated for you by our district coordinators and Foursquare NextGen leaders. As these resources aren’t exclusively Foursquare-created resources, some do not perfectly align with Foursquare’s doctrine. Our NextGen team hopes that this is helpful in resourcing your local teams, but also encourages you to use discretion.

Connect with your NextGen team

Our local district NextGen coordinators are here to resource, equip and support local church NextGen ministries and leaders throughout the country.

Atlantic District

Ty Austin

Central District

Tami Jones

National Hispanic District

Wendy Suarez-Ramos

Northwest District

Reed Sowell

Pacific District

Bunny Correa

Western District

Dan Britton

Find your district

Not sure what district you’re in? We’ve got you covered.

Child + youth protection training

Download the child and youth protection resources, exclusively available to Foursquare churches.

Leadership development + leadership health

Learn more about Foursquare’s commitment to leadership development + education.