Cause Networks

Connect to what you care about. Discover like-minded churches and leaders with a similar passion.

Foursquare Cause Networks, previously known as Affinity Networks, are open, informal, and dynamic groups of people that connect around specific missional activities in spheres or sectors of society where the gospel is greatly needed.

Foursquare Cause Networks provide an organic onramp and pathway for more and growing leaders who share particular passions and perspectives for the issues of our day to be on a mission together in a space for connection, resourcing, training and support.

Join a Network

We invite Foursquare licensed ministers and church or community ministry leaders to participate in Cause Networks. Interested in learning more about a network? Check out the current list of Cause Networks.

Questions? Ready to create a network?

There are endless networks that can be birthed, nurtured, multiplied and extended. If you have an idea for a Cause Network or questions, contact Foursquare Cause Networks at 213.989.4320, or send us an email.