The Four-Stage Model

Foursquare’s biblical model for growth has been the same since the beginning.

Answering the call of the harvest

Since Sister Aimee Semple McPherson established The Foursquare Church in 1923, we’ve been a discipleship movement that trains and sends leaders. Even as a traveling evangelist, Sister Aimee recognized that she couldn’t be and go everywhere, but she could mobilize more leaders to send. 

Today, we still answer the call of the harvest found in Matthew 9.  We may be called to evangelize, strengthen, multiply or extend but we all have a part to play as we are called to the Great Commission.

What is the Four-Stage Model?

The Four-Stage Model, articulated by the late John Amstutz, DMin, has served as the guiding framework of The Foursquare Church. It sets forth the infinitely reproducible life cycle of making disciples and healthy church development.

In stage one, we evangelize and make disciples. Stage two follows with training disciples and releasing them into ministry. During stage three, we train pastors. With stage four, we send missionary workers. We recognize that church planting and missionary movements are the result when we prioritize discipleship and leadership development.

Discover where are you and your church are in the Four-Stage Model

We all have a part to play whether we are making disciples, training leaders, planting churches or sending missionary workers. The intent of the “‘wheel”’ is to keep it moving and advancing for infinite reproducibility.

Four-Stage Model resources

Want to unpack The Four-Stage Model and see where you and your church might fit? Check out these resources based on the book Disciples of all Nations by the late John Amstutz.

Disciples of all Nations 
by John Amstutz

This book unpacks what has been Foursquare’s missiology from the beginning.

Making Disciples of all Nations,
a video teaching series

These six videos provide a deep dive into the Four Stage Model, and were taught by the late John Amstutz.

Latest Style or Lasting Strategy?

Daniel A. Brown unpacks why the Four-Stage Model has stuck around.

A primer on The Four-Stage Model

While this video may be more than 10 years old, it continues to be a helpful primer on why The Four-Stage Model is an important part of Foursquare’s missiology.

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