Regional + Area Pastors

Each district has a team of regional and area pastors to serve local leaders in that area.

Regional and area pastors are an extension of district leadership teams and exist to bring care to our pastors and leaders. These roles are essential to the vibrant life that marks Foursquare.

Regional pastor role

Regional pastors are an extension of the supervisory team, helping to carry shared vision and culture. They have their eye on the broader district’s context while tapped into a focused area or domain of expertise. Regional pastor roles are strategic, catalytic, and highly empowered roles helping to shoulder and shape our missional objectives and their implementation within the district’s geography.

Regional pastors are expansionists concentrated on Church Multiplication, Leadership Development, Leader + Church Health, Multiethnic, NextGen and Women in Ministry Leadership. They will participate in annual collaborative training and equipping across the U.S. Foursquare Church and continue to fulfill their role as outlined in Bylaw 8.3. These leaders will serve area pastors, who are in closer geographic proximity to you, our local leaders.

Area pastor role

Area pastors are relationally focused on care and prayer for our leaders within geographic proximity. This layer of leadership is the closest in physical, and geographic proximity, but also a primary touchpoint to our leaders. Area pastors are proactive in prayer, care, encouragement and connection. We see these layers of leadership building upon one another and enlarging the scope and reach of the district to each local leader.

NextGen regional pastors and area leaders

The NextGen regional pastors and area leaders are an extension of district teams. They help to carry out the shared vision and culture. Regional pastor roles are strategic, catalytic and highly empowered. They help advance The Foursquare Church’s target of “more and growing leaders together on mission.” The NextGen regional pastors and area leaders serve with each district’s NextGen coordinator.

Meet Your District’s Regional + Area Pastors

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