About Foursquare Education

  • Foursquare Institutes: The Past, Present and Future

  • A Little History

    An early Foursquare initiative was establishing an educational institution to train Foursquare ministers and missionaries. Angelus Temple Training School—which eventually became Life Pacific College (also known as LIFE Bible College)—opened in 1922. The purpose of that original Foursquare training institute was the same as the mission of our contemporary Ministry Training Institutes—in Sister Aimee’s words, “the practical training of evangelists for the harvest fields of life.”

  • Institutes Defined

    Ministry Training Institutes provide Foursquare churches with the opportunity to invest in leadership the way Jesus did—with relational teaching and opportunities for hands-on practice. They offer a cost-effective and convenient option for ministry training, ideal for leaders and laypeople alike. There are multiple types of institutes: schools of ministry; formal and non-formal Bible institutes; church-based Bible colleges; and you might have also heard of the Emerging Leader Network (ELN).

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  • Schools of Ministry

    Schools of ministry provide education as an extension of local church training, both to strengthen local leadership and to train men and women for general Foursquare ministry.

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  • Formal and Non-formal Bible Institutes

    Formal and non-formal Bible institutes offer training that falls between the types of training offered by colleges and those offered by schools of ministry. Formal and non-formal Bible institute training can culminate in a diploma or certificate of completion, and the purpose is often to train leaders to go out and pastor Foursquare churches. The scope of training at this type of institute much broader than that at a school of ministry.

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  • Church-based Bible Colleges

    Church-based Bible colleges have been authorized by their states to award associate and/or bachelor's degrees, but they are also hosted by strong and healthy local churches, affording students the opportunity to experience hands-on ministry skill training and character formation that is not typically found at traditional Bible colleges.

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  • Emerging Leader Network

    The Emerging Leader Network is an alliance of full-time, immersive schools of ministry designed to empower, train and release young leaders between the ages of 18 and 25. These “immersion discipleship” environments blend hands-on ministry, focused academia and mentoring relationships. This model has proven to be transformational and an effective means of preparing students for life-long ministry, whether they go on to serve in the church or in the marketplace.

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