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Why do people become chaplains?

People often become chaplains because of the call God has placed on their lives. Those who want to become chaplains are people who want to reach those hurting and in need in areas outside the church.

How do I become a Foursquare chaplain?           

We have the scoop on what it takes to join the Foursquare chaplains team. Start here by downloading our list of requirements, and call 888.635.4234, ext. 4246 to learn even more.

Institutional/Industrial Chaplain Requirements
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Military Chaplain Requirements
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How do I participate in the Foursquare chaplain's response training?

Disaster Relief Training (DRT) and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training is open to credentialed ministers and laypersons who are interested in providing assistance and support in disasters and devastating circumstances.

DRT provides FEMA-approved first responder training, ready to help in case of natural disaster, terrorist attacks, suicides and other disasters. CISM offers training to ministers looking to help people facing devastating circumstances, ranging from those touching a few people, such as the unexpected and sudden death of a loved one, to those affecting large populations, such as natural disasters.

Visit the website below to learn where the next trainings will be held as well as to register for an upcoming training event. Questions? Contact Foursquare Chaplains for more information.

Disaster Relief Training and Critical Incident Stress Management Registration
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