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When your church joins Foursquare, you will receive the spiritual care, leadership and resources that a worldwide movement can provide.

Join the Foursquare community! The Foursquare Association is a network of Christian ministers and churches that are in fellowship with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG), exalt Jesus Christ, propagate and disseminate the religious principles embraced in the Foursquare Gospel as proclaimed by Aimee Semple McPherson, and adhere to the Foursquare Global Distinctives and Values.

The Association is in no way designed or intended to function as an unincorporated association or to be a separate legal entity. The Foursquare board of directors shall have the power to determine the requirements, procedures and regulations of membership and participation in the Foursquare Association. The Association shall have no bylaws or separate governing board, and shall hold no assets. Members of the Association may not hold themselves out as agents for one another or of ICFG on the basis of membership in the Association. The Foursquare Association is not an agency of ICFG.

What is a Community Church?

Foursquare Community churches are completely autonomous and independent legal entities. A Foursquare Community Church affiliates with Foursquare but is not a Foursquare legal entity. Discover the numerous benefits to becoming a member of the Foursquare Association and learn how to become a Foursquare Community Church.

Benefits of joining Foursquare Association

Is becoming a Community Church the path for you?

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