Ratification 2024

Learn more about ratification and how credentialed ministers can participate in this year’s vote.

Willing to serve: President Randy Remington

As we approach the ratification decision, I ask you to partner with me in prayer for the Lord’s will to be revealed. My commitment to who we are and where we are headed remains steadfast, whether as president or as simply as your friend and fellow servant in the gospel. I am committed to Jesus, The Foursquare Church and my calling, regardless of role or title. I am honored to continue this journey with you, embracing the challenges and opportunities with faith, hope and love.

Ratification Q+A

 Wondering how ratification is different than an election? And why we are voting this year when Randy Remington is president through 2025?

Read through this helpful Q+A and timeline as you prepare to vote. 

In 2019, The Foursquare Church held an election in Nashville, Tenn., where Randy Remington was elected as president, to serve from 2020-2025. This election occurred during Glenn Burris Jr.’s final year serving as president; it was also Glenn’s second (and final) term as president in accordance with our bylaws (Bylaw 7.1.3).

This year, we are holding a ratification. This is an opportunity for the convention voting body to confirm if they want Randy to remain as president for an additional five years. There will be no other candidates standing for election. 

While Randy Remington’s term doesn’t end until 2025, we vote a year in advance in accordance with our bylaws. If Randy doesn’t receive at least 75 percent of votes in favor of a second term, we will hold an election in 2025. 

If the convention voting body, including absentee voters, votes in favor of Randy Remington’s ratification, he will remain the president of The U.S. Foursquare Church through 2030. He must receive 75 percent of votes in favor of a second term, among those who cast votes. According to our bylaws, Foursquare presidents may serve up to two terms; each term is five years.

If Randy is not confirmed as president during Foursquare Connection 2024, then an election will be held in 2025. The Foursquare cabinet will follow the bylaws and select candidates in March 2025, followed by an election during Foursquare Connection 2025.

How to vote

Credentialed ministers and voting delegates attending Foursquare Connection 2024 in National Harbor, Md., will be able to vote in person on May 28. Absentee ballot requests are no longer being accepted. If you requested an absentee ballot, it must be returned by May 24. 

Keep reading to make sure you are ready to rock the vote.

In-person voting Q+A

Learn how credentialed ministers and voting delegates can participate in this year’s ratification in National Harbor, Md.

If you are a credentialed minister in active status or are a voting delegate from your church, then you are all set to vote during convention. 

You will need to wear your badge that indicates you are either a credentialed minister or a voting delegate to attend the Tuesday afternoon business session. If you are voting in person (and did not request an absentee ballot), then bring your ballot with you to the Tuesday afternoon business session; we will be voting during this time.

While only credentialed ministers and voting delegates can attend the Tuesday afternoon business session, all are welcome at the Tuesday morning general session. This session will also have a business focus.

Ballots will be distributed before the afternoon business session on Tuesday, May 28. The QR code on your badge, which should indicate you are either a credentialed minister or a voting delegate, will need to be scanned in order to obtain your ballot.

Ballots are not replaceable, so please keep track of them. We recommend keeping them clear of small children, animals and all sources of water.

Absentee voting

Absentee ballot requests are no longer being accepted. If you requested an absentee ballot, it must be returned by May 24. Have questions? Keep reading to find answers in our Absentee voting Q+A.

Absentee voting Q+A

Your questions answered about absentee voting for the 2024 presidential ratification.

In accordance with Foursquare Bylaw Article V, Sections 5.5.A. and B., absentee voting is permitted for the office of president. This allows credentialed ministers in active status to participate in this year’s ratification whether they plan to attend Foursquare Connection or not. 

Yes, all credentialed ministers in active status were able to request an absentee ballot through April 26. This year, the absentee voting process will be done digitally through the voting platform software Simply Voting. If an absentee ballot was requested, then it must be returned by May 24. An in-person ballot will not be issued during convention if an absentee ballot was previously requested.

Your vote will not be counted. We are unable to extend the deadline or issue a ballot during convention business sessions. 

No. Only credentialed ministers in active status can absentee vote. Delegates are welcome to vote in person on May 28 in National Harbor, Md. 

A word from Corporate Secretary Adam Davidson

As corporate secretary, it’s my privilege and duty to oversee any elective process we undertake according to our bylaws, and to ensure it is conducted with integrity in a way that is honoring to the Lord and the body of believers. Learn more about how Foursquare business is accomplished, and who is involved in the process

Business sessions: Mark your calendar

Attending Foursquare Connection? We sure hope so! Business sessions will be held on Tuesday, May 28; mark down these times on your calendar so you don’t miss a thing.

Learn more about Foursquare business, who is involved and the convention body’s role. 

Make plans to attend Foursquare Connection 2024

Even if you plan to vote absentee, we still want to see YOU at Foursquare Connection 2024. Learn more about this not-to-be-missed event happening May 27-30 in National Harbor, Md.