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Foursquare chaplains boldly bring the gospel to the front lines, at home and abroad. Foursquare Chaplains International (FCI) is our branch that actively supports our brave men and women who risk it all to serve others.

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“My main job [is] to be a presence, to offer the comfort of the Lord.”

—Willie Barnes, Foursquare chaplain to Florida’s Orange County Sherriff’s Office

"We, as chaplains, get to go where there’s chaos and bring the presence of Jesus."

—David Leonard, Foursquare chaplain in the U.S. Air Force

"We get to show unconditional love, and compassion and strength when service members need it most."

— Leslie Nelson, Foursquare chaplain in the U.S. Army National Guard

"What an honor to be able to speak into the lives of these talented young athletes."

—Larry White, Foursquare chaplain to the High Desert Mavericks

“Serving as a chaplain for the legislature has given me an opportunity to glorify God in a public place before elected officials.”

—Peggy Locke, Foursquare chaplain to the Nevada State Legislature

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