What’s going on in the Western District

The latest from your supervisor, as well as events, job openings and more.

Welcome from the Western District

The Foursquare Western District serves the following states:
Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah

Summer Camps 2023

Make plans to connect your students with Foursquare summer camps happening all over the Western District.

Events are ON!

Find everything going on in the Western District! From Foursquare Connection to district camps, we have you covered. You can filter by districts, state and the type of event you’re trying to find.

Find a local job

Looking for a job in a Foursquare church or ministry? Check out the openings we have in the Western District and throughout the U.S. Looking for a senior pastor position in the Western District? Reach out directly to District Supervisor Billy Calderwood.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

Along with your Western District team, the Foursquare One Team is here to serve you from credentialing to retirement. Here are just a few ways we support you and your church.
Or, reach out directly to us at the Western District at 213.201.4830.