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Bring Your Independent Church Into Foursquare

Are you currently an independent church looking to join a family? Become a Foursquare Church!

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Join the Foursquare Community Churches

Looking to plug into our network and get resourced? Join the Foursquare Association as a Community church.

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Plant a Foursquare Church in Your Neighborhood

Interested in becoming a church planter with The Foursquare Church? We want to help equip you to reach your city!

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Already Foursquare?

If you are currently leading a Foursquare church and looking to transition to a Covenant church model, discover what it would take.

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Looking for More Ministry Support?


There are 11 U.S. Foursquare districts, all uniquely equipped to support Foursquare churches in their regions. Find your church’s district, its supervisor and staff, plus ways to reach them.

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Foursquare Insurance Services

Being involved in ministry isn’t a risk-free pursuit. That’s why we have a department dedicated to providing your church with insurance and risk management.

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Foursquare Financial Solutions

Whether you need church loans or retirement planning, Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS) has you covered. FFS provides comprehensive fiduciary oversight and financial services.

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