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Foursquare Leader Update is your one-stop place for keeping with the latest headlines from The Foursquare Church. This weekly email gathers Foursquare family news, inspiring stories and helpful resources into a single package to help you and your church stay connected and informed with the Foursquare family. We will also send you occasional breaking news alerts, updates on convention, and other items of interest to the Foursquare family. Just fill out the form below to start receiving your weekly Foursquare Leader Update.

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This regular email will keep you up to date on how God is using the Foursquare family around the world, and will let you know how you can pray, give and go.

This weekly email features inspirational devotionals by Foursquare leaders, and also invites the Foursquare family to pray together each week. Throughout 2015, our Scripture-based devotionals are focused on disciples, leaders, churches and movements through the lens of our theme, “Sent.” Learn more about this year’s prayer theme.

These emails share Foursquare's involvement to provide practical aid and spiritual care to people amid the toughest natural disasters and crises worldwide.

With Foursquare Leader Update you will also receive Foursquare Leader Alert for urgent, breaking Foursquare news.

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