Sister Aimee: Scandalous?

  • Sister Aimee used media and the cutting-edge technology of her day to carry her message across the globe. With that kind of reach, many of the details of her life story remain with us today. Read about Sister Aimee, listen to her sermons, view photographs and more.

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Meet the Real Aimee

  • Enjoy articles written by and about Sister Aimee and her work in an era when tremendous forces were changing the face of the globe. These historical insights paint a clearer picture of what it was like to be an early part of the movement Sister Aimee started.

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Aimee's Legacy Today

  • Sister Aimee captivated thousands with her dynamic personality and powerful message of hope. Communities around the world are challenged and changed today because of the work she started so many years ago. Learn more about Sister Aimee's lasting legacy.

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Aimee's Legacy Today

  • Stay updated on how the life and legacy of Aimee Semple McPherson is still making an impact today.
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Class Is In Session. Foursquare Education and Training Opportunities.

Pre-Service Training

Is God calling you to vocational ministry? The Foursquare Church offers a number of training opportunities: cross-cultural outreach, short-term missions, children’s ministry and many other in-church service positions.

The Foursquare Church offers the following pre-service training opportunities for future leaders:

Life Pacific College, San Dimas, Calif.

LPC offers associate and bachelor degree programs, online degree completion and distance learning, and an online master’s program.

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Ignite Academy, Christiansburg, Va.

Ignite is a two-year residential program. An extension of Life Pacific College, Ignite offers academic training combined with focused discipleship, local ministry and global outreach.

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Church-Based Bible colleges, Formal and Nonformal Institutes, and Schools of Ministry

Church-sponsored programs offer affordable ministry training on a variety of levels, ranging from one to four years in duration. Programs generally include academics as well as opportunities for hands-on ministry. There are a number of institutes and schools of ministry for Spanish-speakers, and one institute for people that speak Portuguese.

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Emerging Leader Network (ELN)

ELN is a network of church-sponsored immersive-discipleship programs across the U.S. All ELN programs have a three-part emphasis: head (academics), hands (ministry), and heart (mentorship). These programs, which are generally one to two years, are designed for college-age students.

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2014 Women in Ministry Leadership Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships

In the spirit of meeting President Glenn Burris’ five target vision, Foursquare continues to move forward in strategic discipleship of multigenerational, multicultural and gender. In Target 1: Leaders of his Five Targets vision statement, Burris states, “We will not build a strong and sustainable ministry unless we have healthy, reproducing leaders.”

The Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships are one mode by which Foursquare is carrying out this vision. The scholarships are intended for women who are focused on pre-service training for vocational ministry.

Foursquare’s Women in Ministry Leadership application process for the 2014 Alabaster Legacy Scholarships is now open. Applications will be accepted through May 1, 2014.

How do I apply for scholarships?

Check out the application process, then download the scholarship application that interests you, fill it out completely and mail it back by May 1, 2014.

What scholarships can I apply for?

Seven scholarships are available for the 2014 school year. Women currently pursuing higher education in preparation for ministry leadership are eligible for the following Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships:

Bible College Scholarship: Four $2,000 annual awards
This award is intended to empower women planning to enter a vocational ministry program leading to Foursquare credentialing. Funds are provided for education received through an accredited Foursquare Bible college.

Emerging Leader Scholarship: Two $500 annual awards
This award is intended to encourage the education of young women preparing for vocational ministry through a Foursquare certified Emerging Leader Network (ELN) program.

Ignite Scholarship: One $1,000 award
This award is intended to encourage the education of young women preparing for vocational ministry through Foursquare Ignite Academy.

Where do I send my completed scholarship application?

Women in Leadership Ministries
1910 W. Sunset Blvd.; Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA  90026

I would like more information.

Contact Marysol Ramos for more information.