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Palm Springs Foursquare Church

Desert Chapel


630 S Sunrise Way
Palm Springs, CA, 92264-7876

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P: 760.327.2772
E: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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    Fred Donaldson
    Jesse DeMent
    Jimmy Donaldson
    Joseph Donaldson
    Sara Donaldson
    Irvin Donovan
    Carrie Fraser
    Mark Hackbarth
    Melissa Long
    Frank Marshall
    Don Parshall
    David Sills
    Blake Updike
    Jon Donaldson
    Benny Meza
  • 1000+
    More than 1,000 people attend this church, on average.
  • Fred Donaldson, Senior Pastor
    Fred Donaldson is a Senior Pastor. Fred primarily speaks English.
  • Jesse DeMent, Assisting Minister
    Jesse DeMent is an Assisting Minister. Jesse primarily speaks English.
  • Jimmy Donaldson, Assisting Minister
    Jimmy Donaldson is an Assisting Minister. Jimmy primarily speaks English.
  • Joseph Donaldson, Assisting Minister
    Joseph Donaldson is an Assisting Minister. Joseph primarily speaks English.
  • Sara Donaldson, Assisting Minister
    Sara Donaldson is an Assisting Minister. Sara primarily speaks English.
  • Irvin Donovan, Assisting Minister
    Irvin Donovan is an Assisting Minister. Irvin primarily speaks English.
  • Carrie Fraser, Assisting Minister
    Carrie Fraser is an Assisting Minister. Carrie primarily speaks Other.
  • Mark Hackbarth, Assisting Minister
    Mark Hackbarth is an Assisting Minister. Mark primarily speaks English.
  • Melissa Long, Assisting Minister
    Melissa Long is an Assisting Minister. Melissa primarily speaks English.
  • Frank Marshall, Assisting Minister
    Frank Marshall is an Assisting Minister. Frank primarily speaks English.
  • Don Parshall, Assisting Minister
    Don Parshall is an Assisting Minister. Don primarily speaks English.
  • David Sills, Assisting Minister
    David Sills is an Assisting Minister. David primarily speaks English.
  • Blake Updike, Assisting Minister
    Blake Updike is an Assisting Minister. Blake primarily speaks English.
  • Jon Donaldson, Leader
    Jon Donaldson is a Leader. Jon primarily speaks English.
  • Benny Meza, Leader
    Benny Meza is a Leader. Benny primarily speaks English.

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