Texas youth camp

Texas Baptist Encampment 100 1st St, Palacios, TX

#kt-adv-heading_44c3a6-79, #kt-adv-heading_44c3a6-79 .wp-block-kadence-advancedheading, .wp-block-kadence-advancedheading.kt-adv-heading_44c3a6-79, .kadence-advanced-heading-wrapper .kt-adv-heading_44c3a6-79{text-align:center;} Texas youth camp .kadence-column_5ad308-89 > .kt-inside-inner-col{background-color:var(--global-palette7, #EDF2F7);} The National Hispanic District of The Foursquare Church will host a summer camp for youth (grades 6-12) from July 24-27, 2023, in Palacios, Texas. We invite you to be part of the summer camps that will be taking place throughout the country....