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Imagine: Prayer and the Presence of God

By Eduardo Bogea

Recorded during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Eduardo Bogea delivers a heartfelt and compelling exhortation to our Foursquare family for all generations to passionately contend for the presence of God. more»


Single—for Now

By Tammy Sevcov

In her first book, “Single—for Now,” Tammy Sevcov, an ordained Foursquare minister, challenges singles to pursue and enjoy God’s calling on their lives regardless of marital status. Drawing on the Scripture as well as real-life experiences, the author presents a thoughtful look at what God has to say about singleness, marriage and our identity in Christ. more»


Faithfulness Trumps Circumstances

By The Foursquare Church

Mauricio Rodriguez shares the dramatic story of how he nearly lost his life as a newborn—at the hand of the woman who gave birth to him. The Foursquare credentialed minister contrasts this experience with the love of the mother who raised him and engraved the Word of God on his heart. more»


Videos From Foursquare Missions International

By Foursquare Missions International

Hear from Foursquare leaders around the world in these inspiring videos from Foursquare Missions International. Meet a couple moving to Russia as missionaries; learn more about he Holy Spirit; find out what youth in Mexico are doing; discover miracles happening around the world; and even view a video Christmas card. Show these videos at church, or link to them on your church’s website. more»


Margaret Feinberg Shares How She Started ‘Scouting the Divine’

By The Foursquare Church

Bestselling author Margaret Feinberg explores analogies found throughout the Bible, such as being Jesus’ sheep or living in a land flowing with milk and honey, to find real-world applications that reveal God’s heart for each of us. Recorded live at Connection 2012 in Phoenix. more»

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