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Love Is an Orientation

By Andrew Marin

In “Love Is an Orientation,” author Andrew Marin encourages Christians to get past political, religious and emotional rhetoric to build a bridge to the gay community. This well-written book provokes thought, not controversy; love, not self-righteousness. It will help believers think through the issues and discern how best to handle one of the most controversial topics of our day. more»


Foursquare Missions International Quarterly Supplements (2011)

By Foursquare Missions International

Download the Foursquare Missions International supplement to use in your church bulletin or on your church information table. Discover how Foursquare Missions International is making an impact around the world. more»


Third World Symphony

By Shaun Groves

Shaun Groves’ new release, “Third World Symphony,” is not your average cookie-cutter Christian album. Following a trek around the globe to interact with children in poverty and despair, the artist returned home to create a work that, in his words, gives “a voice to the voiceless.” Artistic and poignant, the album serves as an important wake-up call and challenge to our self-absorbed society. more»

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