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Connection 2014 Main Session: Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez challenges Foursquare churches to break through cultural divides in our quest to see God’s kingdom multiply. If we want to keep reaching the world’s many people groups, we need to let go of any fears, racial divides or cultural nearsightedness. Jesus is for everyone, not just the people we feel most comfortable with. more»


Multiply Locations: Connection 2014 Multiply Track

Is multi-site ministry the right model for your church? Learn the ins and outs in this Multiply Track from Foursquare Connection 2014. Foursquare leaders Marion Ingegneri, Jerry Dirmann and Peter Bonanno cover strategic and practical areas of multi-site implementation, including discipleship programs, reporting, finances and much more. more»


Online Administrative Toolkit

By The Foursquare Church

Find a handy collection of current forms, tools and templates for local Foursquare churches. more»



By New Hope Oahu

“Victorious,” the newest album from New Hope Oahu (Oahu South Foursquare Church) in Honolulu, sends a clear message of victory over the looming darkness and stirs a sense of hope and joy. The versatile style range makes it a great choice for corporate worship in multi-generational settings. more»


All Things New

By Sherry Muchira

From Mill Creek Foursquare Church in Lynnwood, Wash., Worship Pastor Sherry Muchira brings a deeply thoughtful and powerful worship collection in her new album, “All Things New.” Brimming with passion and vulnerability, the project offers meaningful songs readily adaptable to corporate worship times. more»


Multiply Churches: Connection 2014 Main Session With Ed Stetzer

In his keynote address at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Ed Stetzer from LifeWay Research shares a powerful message about understanding and implementing a Spirit-empowered church-planting strategy. “We are sent to all peoples with a message, and multiply in His power, not ours,” he asserts. more»


Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church

By Mark DeYmaz,Harry Li

Pastors who desire to foster ethnic diversity in their congregations will find Mark DeYmaz and Henry Li’s new book, “Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church,” extremely helpful. The authors address seven common challenges to creating a healthy multi-ethnic church environment and offer practical advice that is biblically sound and immediately useful. more»


Multiply Churches: Ed Stetzer

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, this audio session features pastor and researcher Ed Stetzer as he outlines seven practical recommendations to Foursquare churches that want to plant churches but are struggling with the “how.” more»


From ‘Wonder Bread’ to ‘Multigrain’ Church

By The Foursquare Church

Randy Remington, senior pastor of Beaverton Foursquare Church in Beaverton, Ore., talks about what it takes for a church to go from cultural sameness to true diversity that reflects the surrounding community, in this QuickTalk recorded live at Connection 2014 in Dallas. Driven by the vision of the church in Rev. 7, Randy and his team have seen major advances in their local congregation. more»


The Earth Will Sing

By Foursquare United Generation

Foursquare United Generation, a group of 12- to 30-year-old worshipers from Puyallup, Wash., released “The Earth Will Sing,” recorded live last year, and it’s packed with songs that can easily be integrated into any local Foursquare church’s worship gatherings. more»


The Church App

Have you wanted to develop an app for your church but been intimidated by all the tech expertise that would be involved? Now there’s an easy solution. The Church App, a service offered by Subsplash, helps local churches create, manage and deploy media-rich mobile apps to support their unique ministries, across all the major mobile platforms. more»



By Trillia J. Newbell

Sharing her past experiences and outlining a clear doctrine on diversity, author Trillia J. Newbell lays out a case for working toward intentional diversity in the church in her new book, “United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity.” She details practical solutions and challenges, specifically for pastors, whom she asserts must set the standard in seeking out diversity in relationships. more»


Mission Drift

By Peter Greer,Chris Horst

Over time, organizations can drift, sometimes very far, from their original mission. Even churches are not immune from getting sidetracked. In “Mission Drift,” Peter Greer and Chris Horst tell the stories of organizations that have ended up being derailed from their original mission, and outline strategies for leaders to keep their organizations on track. more»



Available on DVD May 6, “Ragamuffin” tells the story of Christian songwriter Rich Mullins and his difficult personal journey to find wholeness and grace. The artist’s struggle with drinking, his longing for a father’s love and his fear of loneliness—and his eventual realization of God’s grace—make this a powerful story that will bring hope to viewers. more»


The Power of a Half Hour

By Tommy Barnett

Every pastor wants to live and lead more productively, and Tommy Barnett’s new book, “The Power of a Half Hour,” will show how this can be done. The secret? Learning how to live your life in half-hour blocks of time. Pastors will find the biblical principles discussed and practical advice helpful and inspiring. more»



By Jennie Allen

In a season when we are reimagining what it looks like to be The Foursquare Church, Jennie Allen’s new book, “Restless,” will be extremely helpful to leaders. The author addresses what it means to be called by God, the intentional focus we need in living the dreams He has given us, and changing the world around us. more»


The Missional Quest

By Lance Ford,Brad Brisco

What does a truly missional church look like? “The Missional Quest” outlines what it means to be a missional church and presents comprehensive action steps to carry it out. All of life, the authors contend, is real ministry, and the church is called to be an accurate representation of God through how they love one another and behave in community. more»


Should Foursquare Audience Say No to Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’?

Since Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” released in theaters on March 28, the film has been the subject of confusion, passion and contradiction. Here’s a look at the pros and cons, from a Foursquare point of view, and how Foursquare leaders and church members might approach the film not only from an entertainment perspective, but also an evangelistic one. more»


The Lamb’s Agenda

By Samuel Rodríguez

In his new book, “The Lamb’s Agenda,” Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, challenges believers to put the call of Jesus Christ, the Lamb, ahead of the political trappings of the elephant or the donkey. Reconciling the messages of Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr., the author shows that the kingdom of God entails righteousness before God and justice for all people. more»


Second Annual Foursquare Messianic Passover Seder

Sponsored by the Foursquare Rabbis Caucus, the Second Annual Foursquare Messianic Passover Seder is being held on Friday, March 21, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church in Los Angeles. Longtime Foursquare pastors and Messianic leaders will be leading the evening of blessing, unity and fellowship. more»


‘Son of God’ Church Kit

Produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, 20th Century Fox’s “Son of God” hits theaters on Feb. 28. Outreach.com has produced an excellent array of promotional and teaching resources designed to help churches maximize the evangelistic opportunity corresponding with the film’s release. more»


Risky Gospel

By Owen Strachan

At some point in our lives, we all have been paralyzed by fear and struggled with the consequences of making tough choices. In his new book, “Risky Gospel: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome,” Owen Strachan challenges us to really see the power of God and risk everything in this world to gain Him and reach others. more»


Church Zero

By Peyton Jones

At a time that Foursquare is reimagining its future, “Church Zero” by serial church planter Peyton Jones is a particularly compelling read. Frankly discussing why the church in Western culture has not seen the advance it has in other areas of the world, the author offers practical insights regarding how we can better work together as church leaders to successfully reach people for Christ. more»


The Holy Spirit: So, What’s the Big Deal?

By Jerry Cook

Jerry Cook’s book “The Holy Spirit: So, What’s the Big Deal?” is a clear and compelling call to be open to the possibilities of bringing the presence and power of Jesus into every encounter through the enabling work of the Holy Spirit. The ordained foursquare minister provides balanced and thoughtful insight to walking in the fullness of the Spirit. more»


Miracle Work

By Jordan Seng

Jordan Seng challenges readers to be vessels filled with faith that can be used by God to minister in the miraculous. The author weaves a masterful mix of experience, testimony, theology and insight along with a very practical look at how to go about things such as healing, deliverance, intercession, prophecy and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. more»


Christ + City

By Jon M. Dennis

More than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities within the next 40 years, the U.N. estimates. And, right now, only 2 percent of those urban residents are Christians. If we’re going to reach the world, we need to reach our cities, and in his new book, “Christ + City,” author and pastor Jon M. Dennis in Chicago points the way. more»


Echoes of Eden

By Jerram Barrs

Jerram Barrs, founder and resident scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Theological Seminary, has just released “Echoes of Eden,” an insightful and practical discussion of Christianity and the arts. The author deftly provides a guide to help believers walk a path that, via the arts, draws out the common story of all people and reveals the story of creation, the fall and redemption. more»


Why Cities Matter

By Stephen T. Um,Justin Buzzard

More than half the people worldwide live in cities, making urban centers prime fields of harvest for the gospel and crucial to any social and spiritual transformation. In their new book, “Why Cities Matter,” pastors Stephen T. Um and Justin Buzzard outline specific steps church leaders can take to create a solid foundation for thriving ministry in urban contexts. more»


Foursquare Connection 2013 Experience Kit

By The Foursquare Church

Bring home the Foursquare Connection 2013 Experience Kit for only $149. The kit includes story-focused video updates from around the world, recommended books, favorite messages from past Connection speakers, and recordings of all the 2013 main sessions in audio format and on DVD. more»


Connection 2012: Learning Tracks for Senior Pastors

By The Foursquare Church

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2012 in Phoenix, the Learning Tracks for senior pastors feature Foursquare pastors and leaders discussing how senior pastors can better disciple their congregations and engage their communities. They reflect on ways to connect with the next generation, and share ideas to create a culture of discipleship and community engagement. more»


Willing to Walk on Water

By Caroline Barnett

In a world that is filled with need at every turnaround, Foursquare Pastor Caroline Barnett gives a refreshing look at what a life completely devoted to God can look like in her new book, “Willing to Walk on Water.” Sharing candidly from her own life, she shows how God can use our willingness and commitment to change our communities. more»


Making All Things New

By R. York Moore

In “Making All Things New,” author R. York Moore challenges readers with stories of people worldwide who are suffering, and asks that Christians catch God’s dream for global justice. As national evangelist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA, Moore shows us how Jesus Christ will make all things new, and how we can play a part in righting the world’s wrongs. more»


Journey Through the Gospels

By The Foursquare Church

Bring home Foursquare’s new devotional book, “Journey Through the Gospels,” and rediscover Matthew, Mark, Luke and John through the lens of Foursquare’s fourfold focus: Jesus the Savior, Baptizer With the Holy Spirit, Healer and Soon-Coming King. This inspiring guide is ideal for personal as well as small-group study. more»


Godspeed: Making Christ’s Mission Your Own

By Britt Merrick

Author Britt Merrick, pastor of Reality, a family of churches in the U.S. and England, says that God’s mission to save the world started with Jesus, but it doesn’t end there. Jesus, in turn, sends us. His new book, “Godspeed: Making Christ’s Mission Your Own,” is a challenge to Christians everywhere to restore, redeem and renew the world. more»


Love Without Walls

By Laurie Beshore

Heartfelt intentions are well and good, but often our efforts at helping others can actually make things worse, says author Laurie Beshore of Mariners Church in Irvine, Calif. In “Love Without Walls,” she asserts that we need to step up and take action by getting to know the people in our communities and establishing relationships built on mutual trust and respect. more»


Barefoot Church

By Brandon Hatmaker

Pastor Brandon Hatmaker was leading the megachurch of his dreams. But inside he felt empty and dry. He realized he had become a consumer Christian and was leading others to do the same. In his new book, “Barefoot Church,” he shares the story of his and his church’s transformation to missional community and service as a way of life. more»


When Worlds Collide

By Mike and Daniel Blackaby

Mike and Daniel Blackaby are the grandsons of renowned author Henry Blackaby. In their new book, “When Worlds Collide: Stepping Up and Standing Out in an Anti-God Culture,” they challenge Christians—especially young adults—to be “colliders,” those who “remain true to their faith yet are used by God to change peoples’ lives.” more»



By Bradley R.E. Wright

In “Upside,” sociologist Bradley R.E. Wright, Ph.D., uses the best available data to uncover the truth about the world’s most important issues, including poverty, sickness, education, morality and the environment. While admitting there is still work to be done, he shines a light on why so many things are improving, and why no one is talking about it. more»



By various authors

This informative book covers important principles of effective communication including leadership, branding, design, technology and creativity. With many qualified experts contributing to the volume, it can serve as a great resource for helping church leadership teams strategize and become better at communicating the gospel in today’s world. more»


The Organic Reformation

By Tom Johnston and Mike Perkinson,Mike Perkinson

Foursquare missional leaders Tom Johnston and Mike Chong Perkinson offer an inspirational look at what the church in the U.S. could become if believers return to the “irreducible core” of the Christian life. Their new book, “The Organic Reformation,” presents the kingdom of God with fresh eyes and challenges a domesticated approach to church by taking readers to the Word of God. more»



By Lynne M. Baab

In her groundbreaking new book, “Friending,” Lynne M. Baab examines how the virtual world has affected the real world, particularly in the area of friendships. The dynamics of interacting with friends and maintaining relationships have changed—both for good and for ill. Lynne shows us the best ways technology can be used to keep our friendships alive and strong. more»



By Dave Ferguson,Jon Ferguson

Brothers Dave and Jon Ferguson weren’t sure what God was up to when they founded a church in Chicago, but they soon discovered God’s plan was bigger than they thought. In “Exponential,” they share what they learned: four stages of reproducing healthy missional ministry—stages they say will make sense to any leader and work anywhere. more»


Spiritual Warfare and Missions

By Jerry Rankin,Ed Stetzer

This book offers a clarion call for spiritually intuitive leaders to recognize and respond to eight satanic strategies, particularly the ongoing strategy to convince Christians that the Great Commission is optional. The authors use strong exegesis of Scripture and personal stories to produce a convincing case for spiritual warfare and the global battle for the souls of people. more»


Engaging Post-Christian Culture

Perfect for in-depth small group discussions among church leaders, “Engaging Post-Christian Culture” addresses how the mission of the church needs to adapt to surrounding cultural realities if we are going to effectively reach people for Christ both now and into the future. more»


When Helping Hurts

By Steve Corbett,Brian Fikkert

In “When Helping Hurts,” authors Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert tackle the though issues surrounding poverty and address how shortsighted strategies can often make things worse in the long run. They offer sound advice on what individuals and churches can do to make a positive difference, whether it’s in their own neighborhoods or across the globe. more»


Missional Map-Making

By Alan J. Roxburgh

In this groundbreaking book, Alan J. Roxburgh shows why the maps we have used in the past to guide us in ministry to our culture no longer work—and how we can create new maps that will be effective in reaching the people around us. more»


The Child and Youth Protection Manual (Portuguese)

By The Foursquare Church

Now available as a free PDF download in Portuguese, “The Child and Youth Protection Manual” covers everything pastors, youth pastors, children’s ministers and church leaders need to know to provide a safe environment for the young people to whom they minister. This is a must-have resource for all Foursquare churches with ministries to youth. more»


Disciples of All Nations

By John L. Amstutz

The volume details a proven, four-stage developmental process for churches to implement in order to successfully fulfill Christ's command. more»