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Heaven Is for Real

In “Heaven Is for Real,” director Randall Wallace calls us to believe in the miraculous. With its depiction of a bi-vocational pastor, the film challenges us to be rooted in reality while we’re here and not be afraid to share with others that heaven is real. more»


Revival at the Ends of the Earth

Foursquare South Pacific Area Missionary Jerry Stott says that when Jesus told us in Acts 1:8 to evangelize “the ends of the earth,” He must have been referring to the South Pacific. In this QuickTalk recorded during Foursquare Connection 2013, Jerry relates in rapid-fire testimony just how the Holy Spirit is bringing revival to the South Pacific. more»


Miracle Work

By Jordan Seng

Jordan Seng challenges readers to be vessels filled with faith that can be used by God to minister in the miraculous. The author weaves a masterful mix of experience, testimony, theology and insight along with a very practical look at how to go about things such as healing, deliverance, intercession, prophecy and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. more»


Rising Above

By Wayne Cordeiro

Rising Above will give you concise, easy-to-apply methods for turning mistakes into miracles. more»


An Eye for Miracles

By Paul Risser

Paul Risser, pastor, speaker and former president of The Foursquare Church, guides readers through page after page of miracles that are but snapshots from his almost 40 years of ministry experience. more»