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Bomb Pops, Blow Dryers, and Butterfly Kisses

By Angelia Waite, M.Div.

Angelia Waite, M.Div., offers an honest inside look at dealing with the loss of a child, in this book that will help grieving parents and the pastors who minister to them. The Foursquare credentialed minister shares from her experience of losing her son in a tragic accident, and demonstrates the power of God to bring healing and hope. more»


Counseling Couples in Conflict

By James N. Snells,Mark A. Yarhouse

Pastors often feel unprepared for the complexity of issues married couples face. Licensed counselor and Foursquare minister Angie Richey says this book could help change all that. “Counseling Couples in Conflict” is full of practical insight and doctrinally sound, and offers direction for pastors who might otherwise be tempted to take a hands-off approach to troubled marriages. more»


Without a Word

By Jill Kelly

Jill and Jim Kelly have always been in the public eye, primarily because Jim was a Hall of Fame quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. When their son, Hunter, died in 2005, it changed the family forever. This is a moving account that offers hope to suffering families, as well as insight for leaders who care about families in pain. more»


Choosing to Love: The Odyssey of a Relationship

By Barbara Cook

Here is an honest look into marriage relationships through the eyes of one couple who has diligently searched the mind of God to find out what He intends this relationship to be.


Men and Marriage

By Larry Titus

This is a three-part series equipping men to be the best husband possible, learning to polish his partner. Larry, a spiritual father, teaches men what often their fathers didn't. more»

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