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The Monday Morning Church

By Jerry Cook

In “The Monday Morning Church,” Jerry Cook offers inspirational and practical coaching to help believers catch the vision for being the church outside the walls of the buildings they meet in on Sunday mornings. The Monday morning church, Jerry writes, needs to be “open and ready for business.” more»


Multiply Spirit-Life: Connection 2014 Main Session With Jack Hayford

Do you want to multiply healthy Spirit-life in your church? Then fostering an atmosphere of love where we put one another first is a must. In this main session, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Pastor Jack Hayford insists that moving as people of light mandates moving as people of love. more»


A Loving Life

By Paul E. Miller

In his new book, “A Loving Life,” Paul E. Miller takes readers on a journey through the story of Ruth, uncovering the depth of what love is really all about. He tackles the tough issues of suffering and endurance in difficult relationships with compassion, showing believers how the principles in the biblical account apply to life in the 21st century. more»


Love Is an Orientation

By Andrew Marin

In “Love Is an Orientation,” author Andrew Marin encourages Christians to get past political, religious and emotional rhetoric to build a bridge to the gay community. This well-written book provokes thought, not controversy; love, not self-righteousness. It will help believers think through the issues and discern how best to handle one of the most controversial topics of our day. more»