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Grand Central Question

By Abdu H. Murray

In his new book, “Grand Central Question,” attorney and former Muslim Abdu H. Murray educates readers on the major worldviews and how they compare to the truth of the gospel. His practical, concise and powerful analysis of each view in contrast to Christianity will prove helpful to new believers, Bible college students and seasoned pastors alike who want to strengthen their faith and lead others to Christ. more»


Face to Face With Jesus

By Samaa Habib,Bodie Thoene

Samaa Habib shares her riveting personal journey from being a Muslim to finding faith in Jesus Christ in her compelling new book, “Face to Face With Jesus.” As her country endured civil war, she experienced a very personal war as her family, friends and neighbors turned on her following her conversion. Her story is one of hope that is sure to inspire. more»


Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus With a Muslim Friend

By Joy Loewen

Minister and author Joy Loewen, having been born in Yemen to American missionary parents and then living in many countries, such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Canada, Tunisia and the U.S., is uniquely qualified to reach out to Muslim women and their families. more»