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Foursquare Leader Magazine (2017)

By The Foursquare Church

Each issue of Foursquare Leader magazine is jam-packed with encouragement and insight for your ministry through special features, inspiring stories and current news. The magazine releases annually in February, May and October and is available to all Foursquare pastors and church leaders. more»


Foursquare Leader Magazine (2016)

By The Foursquare Church

In each issue of Foursquare Leader magazine, you’ll find encouragement and insight for your ministry through special features, inspiring stories and current news. The pages are packed with content that will help you and your congregation as you serve on the front lines of ministry. more»


Sent to Send Others

By The Foursquare Church

In the midst of unending tasks, sometimes we need somebody bold enough to say: “Here are the things you must be doing. Everything else can go or be picked up by another.” In this video, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2015, Misael Argeñal Rodríguez shares four foundational principles that any leader can establish to ensure maximum ministry fruitfulness. more»


Trabajando en Equipo: Working As a Team

By Daniel Prieto

Learn the keys to developing a strong ministry team in this important book by Daniel Prieto, Foursquare’s national Hispanic missional coach. Written in Spanish, “Trabajando en Equipo” lays out what Daniel calls the “six C’s of healthy ministry.” more»


Conexión Hispana 2015: Daniel Prieto and Juan M. Vallejo

By The Foursquare Church

Whether you were part of Conexión Hispana 2015 in person, or unable to attend, don’t miss this opportunity to relive, or listen to for the first time, all the main sessions on this inspirational audio download. Speakers include Glenn Burris Jr., Tammy Dunahoo, Daniel Prieto and Juan M. Vallejo. more»


Online Administrative Toolkit

By The Foursquare Church

Find a handy collection of current forms, tools and templates for local Foursquare churches. more»


FMI Monthly Prayer Guides

By Foursquare Missions International

Visit foursquaremissions.org to find ways you and your congregation can be praying for Foursquare missionaries around the world. The prayer guides are available in English and Spanish, and are updated monthly. more»


Conexión Hispana: Ted Vail and Danilo Montero

Recorded live at Conexión Hispana during Foursquare Connection 2014, this audio session featuring Ted Vail and Danilo Montero challenges Foursquare leaders to have a kingdom mentality that embraces ethnic diversity and to get back to the basics in our spiritual lives and our calling to minister to others. more»


Samuel Rodríguez Advocates for the Agenda of the Lamb

By Samuel Rodríguez

Rev. Samuel Rodríguez calls the church to combine the evangelism of Billy Graham with the advocacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this audio recording from Conexión Hispana at Foursquare Connection 2013, he shares the balance of the vertical and horizontal elements of the cross. En este mensaje durante Conexión Hispana del 2013, el reverendo Samuel Rodríguez comparte el balance de los elementos verticales y horizontales de la Cruz. more»


Handbook for the Operation of Foursquare Churches

By The Foursquare Church

"The Handbook for the Operation of Foursquare Churches" is a helpful and required resource for all Foursquare church administrators. It includes information on Foursquare bylaws, polity, mission and more. more»


Foursquare Certificates

By Foursquare Media

Four types of certificates and an application for church membership, all in English and Spanish versions, are available as free PDF downloads for local church use. Certificates include baptism, dedication, membership and transfer. A membership application is also offered. more»


Foursquare Brochures

By Foursquare Media,The Foursquare Church

Four types of brochures, in English and Spanish versions, are available as free PDF downloads for local church use. Titles include “Introducing the Foursquare Church,” “Introducing the Foursquare Gospel,” “This We Believe” and “What the Foursquare Church Believes.” more»



By James C. Scott Jr.

Northeast District Supervisor James C. Scott Jr. reveals the rich history of ministry among Hispanic people groups from Foursquare's earliest days in "Aimee: La Gente Hispana Estaba en Su Corazón," also available in English as "Aimee: Her Heart and Work." more»


Child and Youth Protection Training Series

By The Foursquare Church

A Foursquare training series to prevent the maltreatment of children and youth so they can mature in personal faith in Christ without the wounds of abuse in their lives. more»


The Child and Youth Protection Manual (en Español)

By The Foursquare Church

La edición en español del Manual de Protección de Jóvenes y Niños de la Iglesia Cuadrangular. more»


Convirtiendonos de Campo a Fuerza

By Serafin Contreras

Listen to Serafin Contreras speak on the topic, "Convirtiendonos de Campo a Fuerza." more»


Una Fuerza que Edifica la Iglesia

By Misael Argenal

Misael Argenal, a Foursquare national pastor in Honduras, speaks on the topic, "Una Fuerza que Edifica la Iglesia." more»