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Foursquare Leader Magazine (2017)

By The Foursquare Church

Each issue of Foursquare Leader magazine is jam-packed with encouragement and insight for your ministry through special features, inspiring stories and current news. The magazine releases annually in February, May and October and is available to all Foursquare pastors and church leaders. more»


Creating an Empowering Environment

By The Foursquare Church

Healthy church environments don’t just happen, says Pastor Mike Kai. Church environments that engage and transform people are intentionally developed. Learn more about the practicalities, in this Training Session recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2016 in Honolulu. more»


Foursquare Leader Magazine (2016)

By The Foursquare Church

In each issue of Foursquare Leader magazine, you’ll find encouragement and insight for your ministry through special features, inspiring stories and current news. The pages are packed with content that will help you and your congregation as you serve on the front lines of ministry. more»


Sent to Mobilize Others

By The Foursquare Church

Miles McPherson, pastor of Rock Church in San Diego, Calif., shares a simple strategy to becoming a “Do Something” church that reaches and transforms a city, in this inspiring and equipping main session from Foursquare Connection 2015. more»


Sent to Send Others

By The Foursquare Church

In the midst of unending tasks, sometimes we need somebody bold enough to say: “Here are the things you must be doing. Everything else can go or be picked up by another.” In this video, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2015, Misael Argeñal Rodríguez shares four foundational principles that any leader can establish to ensure maximum ministry fruitfulness. more»


Sponsoring Women Leaders: Studio 5 at Connection 2015

By The Foursquare Church

How can your church help encourage women to pursue the ministry God is calling them to and thrive in it? In this Studio session, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2015, Marion Ingegneri and James Ranger III lead the conversation, sharing their own journeys and the challenges of navigating this issue, and providing practical steps pastors can take to empower women. more»


Sending Healthy Leaders: Studio 11 at Connection 2015

By The Foursquare Church

Ministry leadership can be an exhilarating and exhausting call. If leaders are not healthy, they will reproduce unhealthy patterns and face significant, avoidable problems. Learn how to make space to invest in yourself and your family, and join fellow leaders who want to finish the race with strength and joy, in this Studio session from Connection 2015. more»


The Monday Morning Church

By Jerry Cook

In “The Monday Morning Church,” Jerry Cook offers inspirational and practical coaching to help believers catch the vision for being the church outside the walls of the buildings they meet in on Sunday mornings. The Monday morning church, Jerry writes, needs to be “open and ready for business.” more»


Foursquare Leader Magazine (2015)

By The Foursquare Church

Foursquare ministers, church leaders and local volunteers will be encouraged, challenged and better connected to the Foursquare family with every issue of “Foursquare Leader” magazine. Download this publication today to discover all the latest updates, inspiring stories and helpful resources The Foursquare Church has to offer. more»


Multiply Disciples: Multiply Track With Francis Chan

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, this Multiply Track with popular pastor, author and speaker Francis Chan challenges church leaders on the topic of discipleship. The way it has often been approached in the past, he asserts, is dead wrong. We need to ditch some of our well-intentioned but ineffective programs and systems, and get back to the basics of making disciples who know how to disciple others. more»


Multiply Ministry: Connection 2014 Main Session With Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson challenges leaders to dream big to reach their cities in this video session recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas. From the necessity of apprenticeship, to when to launch leaders, to empowering every member of the church for ministry, we need to grow in the deliberate ways of multiplying churches and releasing missional people. more»


Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church

By Mark DeYmaz,Harry Li

Pastors who desire to foster ethnic diversity in their congregations will find Mark DeYmaz and Henry Li’s new book, “Leading a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church,” extremely helpful. The authors address seven common challenges to creating a healthy multi-ethnic church environment and offer practical advice that is biblically sound and immediately useful. more»


Multiply Spirit-Life: Jack Hayford

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Pastor Jack Hayford gives practical teaching to pastors on keeping the gifts of the Holy Spirit active in local church ministry. In this audio recording of his Multiply Track, pastors will learn how to properly release people into living in the power of the Holy Spirit. more»


Multiply Churches: Ed Stetzer

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, this audio session features pastor and researcher Ed Stetzer as he outlines seven practical recommendations to Foursquare churches that want to plant churches but are struggling with the “how.” more»


Multiply Ministry: Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of multisite Community Christian Church in Chicago, tells Foursquare leaders how to give people a clear understanding of the mission (what we are trying to do), and a clear set of missional practices (how we are going to do it), in this free audio download from Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas. more»


Everyone Is a Minister

Carolyn Nichols, in her 80s and serving as senior pastor of Southport Christian Center (National City Foursquare Church) in suburban San Diego, shares her strategy for deliberately investing in young leaders and creating a culture where everyone is a minister, in this video recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas. more»



By Trillia J. Newbell

Sharing her past experiences and outlining a clear doctrine on diversity, author Trillia J. Newbell lays out a case for working toward intentional diversity in the church in her new book, “United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity.” She details practical solutions and challenges, specifically for pastors, whom she asserts must set the standard in seeking out diversity in relationships. more»


Transform Ministry Productivity With ‘What’s Best Next’

By Matthew Perman

With his new book, “What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done,” Matthew Perman has given the church a major advancement not merely in systems of effectiveness, but also in foundational principles that ensure the right system is applied to the right work for the right reasons. more»


Mission Drift

By Peter Greer,Chris Horst

Over time, organizations can drift, sometimes very far, from their original mission. Even churches are not immune from getting sidetracked. In “Mission Drift,” Peter Greer and Chris Horst tell the stories of organizations that have ended up being derailed from their original mission, and outline strategies for leaders to keep their organizations on track. more»


Foursquare Connection 2014 Experience Kit

Weren’t able to get to Dallas for Foursquare Connection 2014? Or missed out on an important workshop or favorite speaker while you were there? No worries! With the Foursquare Connection 2014 Experience Kit, you and the leaders in your church won’t miss a thing. This must-have collection is packed with a rich mix of resources that will encourage, enrich and equip. more»


The Missional Quest

By Lance Ford,Brad Brisco

What does a truly missional church look like? “The Missional Quest” outlines what it means to be a missional church and presents comprehensive action steps to carry it out. All of life, the authors contend, is real ministry, and the church is called to be an accurate representation of God through how they love one another and behave in community. more»


Living the Spirit-Formed Life

By Jack Hayford

In an age when following Jesus has been reduced by so many to having an experience on Sunday morning or checking a box on a poll, Pastor Jack Hayford calls us back to the formative practices of a disciple in “Living the Spirit-Formed Life.” This practical and inspirational guide isn’t just about doctrinal information. The goal is transformation to the likeness of Christ. more»


Leadership Health for a Lifetime

By Ricky Temple

Foursquare Pastor Ricky Temple says that every now and then, leaders need to take a step back from their role and ask about their own health, on every level. “How do I respond to difficult situations?” he asks. “Can God put me through challenging circumstances without me complaining or compromising?” more»


Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus

By David M. Csinos,Ivy Beckwith

In their groundbreaking book, “Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus,” David M. Csinos and Ivy Beckwith acknowledge how culture has changed and explore ideas of how the church can respond as we serve our youth and children. They contend that the primary and long-term goal of all the church’s ministries should be lasting spiritual formation that outlives structured programs and events. more»


J12 Pre-Teen Curriculum

Our kids are bombarded with sounds, images, values and activities that vie for their attention. Many of these influences can lead them astray. But with the J12 Pre-Teen Curriculum and corresponding resources, parents, youth workers and pastors will have exactly what they need to “reach a generation before they need to be rescued." more»


The Health of Diversity

By The Foursquare Church

In this Quick Talk recorded live during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Foursquare Pastor Huey Hudson shows us how his congregation effectively reaches worshipers of different cultures and what it will take for the rest of our churches to do the same. more»


The Legacy Builder

By Rod Olsen

In a clever work of fiction that communicates crucial real-life leadership principles, author, speaker and leadership coach Rod Olson tells the story of Lance, a leader who is overworked, overstressed and out of focus. Sound familiar? Church leaders will appreciate this easy read that outlines clear, practical principles that will help them lead well. more»


The NINES Conference 2013

Pastors and church leaders often find themselves evaluating what is working, and what isn’t, in their churches. This year’s NINES conference will elevate the conversation to a new level. Don’t blink, because you won’t want to miss a thing as 100 speakers—sharing five minutes each—power through some highly engaging content. more»


Chris Hodges Calls Leaders To Reclaim The Reason For Pentecost

By The Foursquare Church

To reach the lost, we first have to see them. Chris Hodges, senior pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Ala., and co-founder of the Association of Related Churches, shares humorous personal stories, an inspiring call to action, and reminds us of the real reason for Pentecost. Recorded live at Connection 2012 in Phoenix. more»


Wayne Cordeiro Urges Leaders to Rediscover Foursquare’s Identity

By The Foursquare Church

Renowned author, speaker and church planter Wayne Cordeiro, senior pastor of New Hope (Oahu South Foursquare Church) in Honolulu, challenges Foursquare leaders to rediscover who we are. To do this, we must experience renewal, think like a movement, and never forget our core assignment from Christ. Recorded live at Connection 2012 in Phoenix. more»


Foursquare Connection 2013 Experience Kit

By The Foursquare Church

Bring home the Foursquare Connection 2013 Experience Kit for only $149. The kit includes story-focused video updates from around the world, recommended books, favorite messages from past Connection speakers, and recordings of all the 2013 main sessions in audio format and on DVD. more»


Connection 2012: Learning Tracks for Senior Pastors

By The Foursquare Church

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2012 in Phoenix, the Learning Tracks for senior pastors feature Foursquare pastors and leaders discussing how senior pastors can better disciple their congregations and engage their communities. They reflect on ways to connect with the next generation, and share ideas to create a culture of discipleship and community engagement. more»


Connection 2012 Learning Track: Administrators and Executive Pastors

By The Foursquare Church

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2012 in Phoenix, the Administrators and Executive Pastors Learning Track features a panel of expert guests who address specific strategies and practical advice for leaders serving in these unique roles. Topics addressed include student ministry, finances, mission statements, conflict management, human resources, legal issues, social media, communications and facilities management. more»


The Story Church Campaign Kit

Foursquare churches can receive a special discount on The Story Church Campaign Kit, a church-wide, multi-generational curriculum based on an abridged and chronological NIV Bible. Comprising 31 weeks of materials, the kit includes church planning resources, sample copies of all books for individuals, plus complete curriculums for preschool, early elementary, later elementary, teens and adults. more»


Catalyst West 2013

Catalyst West is coming to Orange County in Southern California April 17–19. This groundbreaking conference will focus on the making of a leader and the process of character building, with the goal to “restore and refine who you were created to be, and what [God] has called you to do.” more»



By Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson

One of the biggest challenges in pastoral ministry is how to turn people sitting in the pews into active volunteers. In his latest book, “Connect,” church planter and pastor Nelson Searcy draws from his engineering background to identify systems and principles that can help turn first-time guests into fully engaged church members. more»


Adventures in Churchland

By Dan Kimball

In “Adventures in Churchland,” punk rock musician-turned-pastor Dan Kimball addresses the tough questions he once had about organized religion, and shows us why the church is a wonderful thing. His personal approach and biblical understanding give a fresh perspective to seekers who are searching for a deeper understanding of what Jesus originally intended the church to be. more»


Prophetic Preaching: The Preacher’s Toolbox (Book 1)

By various authors

“Prophetic Preaching,” the first book in Hendrickson Publishers' Preacher’s Toolbox Series, brings together a “who’s who” group of today’s most influential pastors, who share their understanding of speaking prophetically to current issues and specific skills for how to reach people more effectively through preaching. more»


Barefoot Church

By Brandon Hatmaker

Pastor Brandon Hatmaker was leading the megachurch of his dreams. But inside he felt empty and dry. He realized he had become a consumer Christian and was leading others to do the same. In his new book, “Barefoot Church,” he shares the story of his and his church’s transformation to missional community and service as a way of life. more»


Small Groups With Purpose

By Steve Gladen

Fans of Rick Warren and Southern California’s Saddleback Church will enjoy “Small Groups With Purpose,” a new release by Steve Gladen that looks at Saddleback’s small group ministry. It’s packed with practical principles that the author says are applicable to churches of any size, and examples that encourage healthy Christian communities. more»



By Greg L. Hawkins,Cally Parkinson

When Bill Hybels and his team at Willow Creek found that 18 percent of their congregation said they were spiritually stalled, it was time to discover why. The authors of “Move” offer hard facts that may describe the spiritual life (or lack thereof) in your church, too, but they also provide a plan to help pastors increase people’s spiritual growth. more»



By various authors

This informative book covers important principles of effective communication including leadership, branding, design, technology and creativity. With many qualified experts contributing to the volume, it can serve as a great resource for helping church leadership teams strategize and become better at communicating the gospel in today’s world. more»


The Organic Reformation

By Tom Johnston and Mike Perkinson,Mike Perkinson

Foursquare missional leaders Tom Johnston and Mike Chong Perkinson offer an inspirational look at what the church in the U.S. could become if believers return to the “irreducible core” of the Christian life. Their new book, “The Organic Reformation,” presents the kingdom of God with fresh eyes and challenges a domesticated approach to church by taking readers to the Word of God. more»


Comeback Churches

By Ed Stetzer,Mike Dodson

A back-to-basics modern classic, “Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can Too,” shows pastors and leaders how to keep our faith communities vibrant and vital. Authors Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson offer a wonderful blending of practical advice, common sense, statistical research and professional experience. more»


Churches, Cultures and Leadership

By Mark Lau Branson,Juan F. Martinez

“Churches, Cultures and Leadership” was generated by courses authors Mark Lau Branson and Juan F. Martinez teach at Fuller Theological Seminary. They take an interdisciplinary approach in this practical theology of churches and ethnicities. Solid in theology and practical for application, this book makes it easy to wrap your heart around the mission of God toward all people in your city. more»


Baby Boomers and Beyond

By Amy Hanson

The 76 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. are fast approaching the second chapter of their lives. In “Baby Boomers and Beyond,” speaker, teacher and author Amy Hanson explores the phenomenon of this generation and their role in the Christian community. more»


The Irresistible Church

By Wayne Cordeiro

Foursquare Pastor Wayne Cordeiro outlines 12 steps any church can take to become a place God can’t help but bless and people can’t help but join. “The Irresistible Church” also includes a study guide, making it an excellent tool for church leadership teams and small groups. more»


Disciples of All Nations Assessment Workbook

By John L. Amstutz

Foursquare pastor and missions leader John Amstutz has developed the “Disciples of All Nations Assessment Workbook” to help church leaders evaluate their ministries in light of Foursquare’s Four-Stage Development Model. This interactive workbook includes colorful charts to help illustrate a ministry’s forward progress through the four stages. more»



By Dave Ferguson,Jon Ferguson

Brothers Dave and Jon Ferguson weren’t sure what God was up to when they founded a church in Chicago, but they soon discovered God’s plan was bigger than they thought. In “Exponential,” they share what they learned: four stages of reproducing healthy missional ministry—stages they say will make sense to any leader and work anywhere. more»


Hybrid Church

By Dave Browning

Large church or small: which is better? In "Hybrid Church," Dave Browning says it is both/and, not either/or. Founder of the multi-location Christ the King Community Church International, Browning shows how the impact of large churches and the intimacy of small churches can fuse to bring change to their communities. more»


It Starts at Home

By Kurt Bruner,Steve Stroope

“It Starts at Home” is a practical guide packed with creative ideas that parents can use to help nurture lifelong faith in their children. Pastors will also find it useful for strengthening families in their churches. more»


The Church Awakening

By Charles R. Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll outlines key values that will help pastors work toward ministry recalibration in his new book, “The Church Awakening.” more»



WOW Urban Ministry Institute engages emerging leaders from across the country. All ages come together for a week to join with WOW in developing evangelistic tools to reach their inner city by using the insight they receive in 20 workshops and practical ministry training while in WOW Jam in New York or Los Angeles. more»


Praxis Center for Church Development

By Tom Johnston and Mike Perkinson

Praxis is dedicated to developing emerging leaders and helping existing churches become more fruitful. Built on the "irreducible core" of the New Testament church—loving God, loving others and making disciples—the ministry of Praxis seeks to build up the body of Christ, making more and better disciples and leaders that understand Christianity as a "way of life" and not only a ministry skill, as they seek to establish God’s Kingdom reign in their world. more»


Empowered Coaching

By The Foursquare Church

Empowered Coaching will enable us to get to the heart of issues discovering what's really at stake as well as sharpen our listening skills. more»