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Forming Kid-Vangelists: Studio 2 at Connection 2015

By The Foursquare Church

Learn how to help young people become “salt and light” in their own schools, in this Studio session, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2015. The panel offers insights gained through years of working with kids and parents to form “kid-vangelists.” This session is a must for every parent and youth worker. more»


Bomb Pops, Blow Dryers, and Butterfly Kisses

By Angelia Waite, M.Div.

Angelia Waite, M.Div., offers an honest inside look at dealing with the loss of a child, in this book that will help grieving parents and the pastors who minister to them. The Foursquare credentialed minister shares from her experience of losing her son in a tragic accident, and demonstrates the power of God to bring healing and hope. more»


Multiply NextGen Ministry: Connection 2014 Multiply Track

Recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Foursquare leaders Ryan Brown, Chad Garrison and Lesli Klingenmeier present a compelling vision of integrated, intentional disciple-making that begins in the nursery and goes on throughout the lives of children and students in our local churches. more»


The Pastor’s Kid

By Barnabas Piper

Pastor’s kid Barnabas Piper—son of legendary pastor John Piper—opens up about the challenges of growing up in a vocational ministry home in his new book, “The Pastor’s Kid.” Part memoir, part counsel for pastors and churches, and an utterly authentic view of life as a PK, this book is a must-read for church leaders and their kids. more»


We Belong to Jesus

By Shout Praises Kids

The new Shout Praises Kids release, “We Belong to Jesus,” is filled with fun, praise, faith and hope, and it’s an album the whole family will enjoy. While produced in a style that will resonate with children, adults too will find themselves tapping their feet and raising their hands in worship. This album is a must-have for children’s workers and parents. more»


The Young: For Kids By Kids

By Marc Wymore

Marc Wymore, who will be leading worship at Foursquare Connection 2014, has just released “The Young,” a collection of worship songs recorded for youth, by youth. From original numbers to well-known favorites to clever mashups intended to reach unchurched young people, this is a strong offering that will be appreciated not only by the younger generation, but also by youth workers and parents. more»


Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus

By David M. Csinos,Ivy Beckwith

In their groundbreaking book, “Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus,” David M. Csinos and Ivy Beckwith acknowledge how culture has changed and explore ideas of how the church can respond as we serve our youth and children. They contend that the primary and long-term goal of all the church’s ministries should be lasting spiritual formation that outlives structured programs and events. more»


J12 Pre-Teen Curriculum

Our kids are bombarded with sounds, images, values and activities that vie for their attention. Many of these influences can lead them astray. But with the J12 Pre-Teen Curriculum and corresponding resources, parents, youth workers and pastors will have exactly what they need to “reach a generation before they need to be rescued." more»


Tour God’s Word VBS Kit

By The Rizers

Pastors looking for a great VBS program need look no further than the "Tour God’s Word" VBS Kit by The Rizers. The easy to implement curriculum focuses on getting the Word of God into the hearts of kids and helping them live it day to day. The five-day program explores the themes of trust, thanks, love, prayer and praise. more»


The Story Church Campaign Kit

Foursquare churches can receive a special discount on The Story Church Campaign Kit, a church-wide, multi-generational curriculum based on an abridged and chronological NIV Bible. Comprising 31 weeks of materials, the kit includes church planning resources, sample copies of all books for individuals, plus complete curriculums for preschool, early elementary, later elementary, teens and adults. more»


NextGen Connection 2012 Learning Track With David Kinnaman

By David Kinnaman

Barna Group President David Kinnaman joins Foursquare NextGen leaders and senior pastors to explore ways to reach the next generation for Christ. It can be a tricky proposition, and Kinnaman says we need to answer some important questions, such as, “How can we disciple a generation where Jesus is a Facebook friend to many and not necessarily a Savior?” more»


October Baby

When college student Hannah discovers that her parents are not actually her biological parents and that she is the survivor of a failed abortion, her world unravels. Angry and confused, she embarks on a spring break road trip with longtime pal Jason and his friends, determined to uncover her secret history and, hopefully, find resolution and healing. more»


Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society

By Timothy D. Willard,Jason Locy

In “Veneer,” authors Timothy D. Willard and Jason Locy say it’s a modern tragedy that people cover or disguise the scars, insecurities and deficiencies in their lives. They artfully confront the prevalent cultural trends of celebrity worship and hiding our personal weaknesses, and explain how to live a higher quality life in Christ. more»


Rise Up!

By The Rizers

Get ready for some awesome fun with “Rise Up!” This sophomore release from The Rizers—the animated band created by the folks at Super Big Robot, LLC—is packed with Bible verses set to catchy tunes to help kids and kids-at-heart easily memorize key biblical passages. Children’s pastors and parents will find this an enjoyable and useful resource. more»


VeggieTales: The Little Drummer Boy

The world’s favorite veggies have done it again, this time offering a clever retelling of the classic Christmas story about a little drummer boy who offers his gift of drum playing to baby Jesus. The film is packed with important life lessons, a lot of humor, and of course a new Silly Song, “The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas.” more»


Top NextGen Resources for Leaders

Youth and children’s workers are always looking for great ideas and helpful resources. But who has time to research them all? Help is on the way. We asked Foursquare NextGen leaders across the nation what they’ve found to be their most useful resources for doing ministry well, and we’ve assembled them here. Some of them are even free! more»


A Shine of Rainbows

This inspiring, family-friendly film, approved by The Dove Foundation, follows the story of an orphaned boy named Tomás as he settles into his new home with his adoptive parents on the Irish island of Corrie. The young boy faces many challenges but chooses to walk through them with an open heart. Recommended for ages 12 and up more»


A Place Called Blessing

By John Trent,Annette Smith

A modern-day parable provides the foundation for “A Place Called Blessing” by John Trent, Ph.D. Neglect and tragedy place three brothers directly in the path of challenging circumstances and ultimately in a place where blessing can turn their lives around. Strong biblical principles are illustrated in this gripping tale that will generate compelling discussions at home and in church. more»


Growing With God – Little KidsTime Curriculum

By Gospel Light

The flexibility of Gospel Light’s “Growing With God” curriculum makes it easy to use as Sunday school teachers change from week to week, and as the attention and activity levels of the kids vary. Packed with tons of resources and helpful tips, the 52-week kit facilitates the implementation of a great program children will learn from and enjoy. more»


Without a Word

By Jill Kelly

Jill and Jim Kelly have always been in the public eye, primarily because Jim was a Hall of Fame quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. When their son, Hunter, died in 2005, it changed the family forever. This is a moving account that offers hope to suffering families, as well as insight for leaders who care about families in pain. more»


It Starts at Home

By Kurt Bruner,Steve Stroope

“It Starts at Home” is a practical guide packed with creative ideas that parents can use to help nurture lifelong faith in their children. Pastors will also find it useful for strengthening families in their churches. more»


Dancing With Max

By Emily Colson,Charles Colson

This real-life account of a family dealing with the difficulties of autism will inspire readers to see others through God’s eyes and challenge churches to provide more supportive environments. more»


Making Sense of Autism

By Joni Eareckson Tada

This DVD set is perfect for church viewing or for use in a small-group setting. A detailed study guide is provided with each disc, and includes questions and scriptures for group discussion that will help viewers think through the subject matter as well as what they can do in their own settings to help people with autism and their families. A listing of helpful books, DVDs and websites is also offered. more»


Holy Spirit Discovery for Kids

By The Foursquare Church

Holy Spirit Discovery for Kids is an eight-lesson resource for teaching key concepts about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Several creative teaching methods are included with each lesson to help you plan a teaching session that connects kids with the truth from the Bible. more»


Jesus at 12 Encounter

By The Foursquare Church

The J12 Encounter is a two-hour multimedia ministry event designed for parents and their 8 to 12-year-olds. The focus is helping “tweens” live the seven words of Jesus: "I must be about my Father's business." The Encounter shares the colorful narrative of Jesus at the age of 12 and the experience of Mary with Him in the temple found in Luke 2. more»


Good News Bears Club

By The Foursquare Church

Good News Bears Club is a discipleship curriculum for ages 3-11. The program places a strong emphasis on making God's truths known by memorization of Scripture, Bible discovery and learning activities. more»


Meet the Rizers

By The Rizers

High quality music for kids is not always the easiest thing to find. Enter Meet the Rizers, a musical project based out of Seattle. The group is the brainchild of Tyson Paoletti, a manager at Tooth & Nail Records, and Greg Lutze, a songwriter and freelance art director. more»


The Jesus Storybook Bible - Deluxe Edition

By Sally Lloyd Jones

The deluxe edition of "The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name" is a delightful treat for both children and adults. more»


What Every Child Should Know About the Bible

By V. Gilbert Beers

"What Every Child Should Know About the Bible: A Guide for Parents and Teachers" is a great tool for equipping adults to teach the child, or children, in their lives about the Bible. more»


Child and Youth Protection Training Series

By The Foursquare Church

A Foursquare training series to prevent the maltreatment of children and youth so they can mature in personal faith in Christ without the wounds of abuse in their lives. more»


Additional Links and Resources for Protecting Child & Youth

By The Foursquare Church

A list of groups, resources and ministry links that are consistent with the training provided in the Child and Youth Protection Training Series and the Child and Youth Protection Manual. more»


The Child and Youth Protection Manual (en Español)

By The Foursquare Church

La edición en español del Manual de Protección de Jóvenes y Niños de la Iglesia Cuadrangular. more»


The Child and Youth Protection Manual (Portuguese)

By The Foursquare Church

Now available as a free PDF download in Portuguese, “The Child and Youth Protection Manual” covers everything pastors, youth pastors, children’s ministers and church leaders need to know to provide a safe environment for the young people to whom they minister. This is a must-have resource for all Foursquare churches with ministries to youth. more»


The Tale of Despereaux

This clever and heartwarming movie can help teach children about forgiveness. more»


Character In Action: After School Clubs

By Shelly Miller

Character in Action (CIA) is an after school program designed to develop strong character traits in young people and to strengthen their relationship with God. more»


Children with Special Needs

By The Foursquare Church

Experts tell us that 90 percent of familes who have children with special needs are never reached with the gospel. Here are some practical resources to assist parents and church leaders on how to reach those children.


Online Resources for Children’s Ministry

Foursquare Christian Education has provided this list of links to online resources and other excellent ministries. Be sure to check these websites out as you look for new ideas and tools for your Christian education ministries. more»