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Transformative Encounters

By David W. Appleby,George Ohlschlager

Counselors and pastors alike will appreciate “Transformative Encounters,” a practical guide to counseling and pastoral care edited by David W. Appleby and George Ohlschlager. Comprehensive and including many contributors, the book highlights a variety of approaches to counseling, utilizing techniques that have been successful both in church and clinical settings. more»


Help for the Fractured Soul

By Candyce Roberts

In “Help for the Fractured Soul,” author Candyce Roberts provides practical guidance to leaders who minister to people who have suffered severe trauma or abuse. Sharing success stories as well as failures from her own experience, the author guides readers through the effective manner that she has developed in leading brokenhearted people to Jesus Christ for healing. more»


Growing Pains

By Json

In “Growing Pains,” gospel rapper Jason “Json” Watson delivers a fresh, humble and engaging journey into the reality of discipleship, outdoing most of the musicality of his peers in the process. Dealing with gritty issues of real life—such as marriage, parenting and even life after sexual abuse—the artist points the way to living a gospel-empowered life. more»


The Help

Both heartwarming and gut wrenching, “The Help,” based on the bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett, is a powerful story of courage and determination to stand up for what is right despite the cost. Viewers will be inspired by this account of a few women in the heart of the South who band together to make a difference during the days of segregation. more»


Half the Church

By Carolyn Curtis James

In her new book, “Half the Church,” Carolyn Curtis James challenges women to address the injustices propagated against their sisters worldwide. She says it’s time for Christian women to get off the sidelines and become the spiritual leaders God made them to be. By sheer numbers alone, she asserts, Christian women have incredible potential for expanding the kingdom of God. more»

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