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This review was written by The Foursquare Church and last updated on August 25, 2013

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Hear from Foursquare leaders around the world in these inspiring videos from Foursquare Missions International. Meet a couple moving to Russia as missionaries; learn more about he Holy Spirit; find out what youth in Mexico are doing; discover miracles happening around the world; and even view a video Christmas card. Show these videos at church, or link to them on your church’s website.

Share these videos from Foursquare Missions International (FMI) in your Sunday services, or link to them from your church’s website. Either way, they’re great for sharing the global Foursquare story with your congregation. Some are brief and intended to be a quick encouragement to “Pray. Give. Partner. Go.” Others are more in-depth, providing personal testimonies and Bible teaching on the missional focus of Foursquare works around the world.



Finding Your Place In God’s Story

Foursquare Pastors Steve and Kim Cecil from Madison, Wis., are moving to Russia as FMI missionaries. See why their God-given dream was 20 years in the making.

Ted Olbrich: Relationship With the Holy Spirit

This FMI missionary to Cambodia talks about relationship with the Holy Spirit, the connection between carnal man and a holy God, and the church’s need to combat the enemy with the Holy Spirit’s power.

Mexico: New Generation Brings Revival

The Foursquare Church of Mexico is experiencing revival, thanks to its restorative care centers and its passionate young people who are transforming lives and reaching their communities.

FMI Around the World

Learn more about FMI’s ministry in this video, which highlights miracles and wonders happening around the world today. Join FMI to “take the whole gospel to the whole world until all have heard.”

A Global Christmas Greeting

This Christmas, Foursquare ministers from around the world join FMI Director Jim Scott and Assistant to the Director Melinda Scott to greet your congregation with this video Christmas card.

Watch more FMI videos on The Foursquare Church’s Vimeo profile.