Traci Espeseth is assisting minister at Lifepoint (Des Moines Foursquare Church) in Des Moines, Wash.

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NextGen leaders, parents, students


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  • Publisher: B&H Kids
  • Format: 176 pages, softcover and e-book

You don’t have to do much more than flip on your TV or scroll casually through your favorite social media feed before you encounter some expression of sexuality.

It’s no longer an option to simply instruct our kids not to buy that magazine or watch that movie. Society today is enveloped in an ever-present perverse misunderstanding of the God-given gifts of sex and love. It is more imperative than ever that we talk frankly and compassionately with our teenagers about purity, love and God’s design for our lives.

True Love Project: How the Gospel Defines Your Purity by Clayton and Sharie King is a clear, concise and poignant resource that can help to facilitate such conversations in an atmosphere of respect. This resource was inspired by Clayton’s mission to answer the question, “What would today’s world look like if teens embraced love as the gospel defines it?”

The heart of the book is summed up perfectly by Sharie in Chapter 5: “The challenge in working on a project like this is finding the best way to warn you about the consequences of sex outside of marriage, while teaching you what a good gift sex really is, while assuring that sexual sin can be forgiven … while not creating a chart where sexual sin is way worse than all others …”

The couple does a beautiful job intertwining biblical truths, physiological realities and social pressures to present a solid, life-giving teaching on sexual purity defined by love, respect and an absolute trust in God’s design for sex only within the covenant of marriage.

Written directly to middle school and high school students ages 13-18, the book includes “True Talk” questions at the end of each chapter ideal for either personal reflection or small group discussion. Also available are two True Love Project devotionals, “40 Days of Purity for Guys” and “40 Days of Purity for Girls,” which feature one- to two-page reflections that speak truth, hope and life into the hearts of teens.

Although this resource is designed with teenagers in mind, it is also a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, pastors, youth pastors and teachers who would like to be better equipped to talk with boldness and compassion with young people about purity and a healthy, godly view of sexuality.