Jonathan Griffiths

This review was written by Jonathan Griffiths and last updated on November 1, 2013

  Who it's for

churches of all sizes that want an effective, easy to implement VBS program


  • Price: $149.99
  • Publisher: Elevate Entertainment, LLC/ Super Big Robot, LLC
  • Format: VBS kit with CDs, DVDs and guides
Pastors looking for a great VBS program need look no further than the "Tour God’s Word" VBS Kit by The Rizers. The easy to implement curriculum focuses on getting the Word of God into the hearts of kids and helping them live it day to day. The five-day program explores the themes of trust, thanks, love, prayer and praise.

Matty C., Gracie, Johnny Danger and the rest of The Rizers crew are going on tour this summer, as they bring their pop-rock charm and high-energy passion for Jesus and His Word to vacation bible schools across the nation. After releasing two popular and powerful collections of Scripture memory songs, band manager Tom invites you to join in the fun as The Rizers tour God’s Word and show kids how good it is to love and follow Jesus.

We’ve been using The Rizers’ music in our home church setting for a couple of years to teach our kids about Jesus and to help them start to learn the Bible. It’s Jesus-centric, kid-friendly music that we don’t mind reaching for in the car as often as our children ask to listen to it. With that in mind, we were really excited to hear about the VBS kit that was being put together. And now that we’ve reviewed it, it doesn’t disappoint.

The full kit comes with the five-day VBS curriculum, a CD of music (full band and instrumental versions), a DVD of sing-a-long videos and a companion CD-ROM of promotional materials, as well as some promo posters, a sample set of temporary tattoos and information on ordering more supplemental materials.

“Tour God’s Word” is focused on getting the Word of God into the hearts of kids both to teach them God’s goodness and to help them live it day to day. During the course of five days, the themes of trust, thanks, love, prayer and praise are explored through songs, skits, teaching, discussion times, games and snacks (yes, even the snacks get tied in at times), and each day ends with a wrap-up session and a performance of the day’s song by the children for the parents at pick-up time.

The VBS kit is designed to run from between 3 and 3-1/2 hours a day, but it can be shortened or increased slightly as needed. That is one of the strengths of the curriculum—it’s written with ease of modification in mind.

There are large churches, small churches, well-practiced groups and beginners when it comes to VBS, and the thought of five days of programmed teaching and activities might be overwhelming to some. To pull it off at full pace would take an army of volunteers, and an even bigger army if you have a lot of children registered. But activities can be simplified and sections rearranged if you have a smaller group of workers available. For example, the skit times would be great if you have the actors, but can be replaced with a more simple song time using the included CDs.

The curriculum itself is detailed and helpful, with tips and ideas throughout, as well as recommendations on staffing, staging, sign-up and structure. Not counting check-in and checkout, each day has seven main sections, and the curriculum is divided into those sections, with all five days’ content in one place. This encourages delegation and makes it easy to prepare materials for bandleaders, facilitators, teachers, craft-station leaders and others.

This is one of the stronger VBS kits to hit the market. Everything feels very well connected, and the material works to provide the necessary details for leaders to be able to put on a memorable, powerful week of engagement with God and His Word for children of various ages.

I would recommend this for consideration by all grade school ministry leaders, and it has the potential to include more capable preschoolers if your team wants to include them.

Reviewed by: Jonathan Griffiths, senior pastor of Cornerstone Worship Center, a Foursquare church in Nampa, Idaho