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  • Price: $6
  • Publisher: Foursquare Missions Press
  • Format: 4-booklet set
  • Editions: Regular and Youth

The Journey is a collection of four small books written by renowned Foursquare pastor, speaker and author Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D. Daniel has been on a quiet forefront for many years, contending for balanced and holistic understanding of theological topics leading in the direction of discipleship.

The Journey, a four-book collection, is a great choice for developing disciples.

In his travels, speaking around the world primarily to Foursquare churches, Daniel had become strikingly aware of great levels of disparity between believers in different nations regarding what was taught and believed on everything from women in leadership to what sins could be forgiven.

About the same time, Daniel received a vision from the Lord that resulted in him realizing the need for new language and new research regarding discipleship, as well as a new generation to undertake the age-old discipleship process. Not that any truths would be changed, but the language used to bring understanding would be updated to reignite the fire in those truths.

While Daniel was being stirred by the disparate teachings he encountered in his travels and the vision from the Lord, Bob Hunt, director of Foursquare Missions Press (FMP), had felt prompted by the Lord to reexamine the previously published Enjoying Your Journey With God, which Daniel had written. Bob contacted Daniel about creating a new edition of the original work, and Daniel began the process of rewriting the book and breaking it into four whole pieces that ultimately became The Journey .

The Journey in its new form has seen over 25 percent new content and extensive revisions. Readers can now interact with the four-volume compilation by starting in any of the four sections without fear of continuity issues. But it has also been given an order for the sake of a new believer. The four volumes are titled: “Beginning Places,” “Early Lessons,” “Path Markers” and “Travel Reminders.”

It is in the breakdown of these four sections that the brilliance of the resource and its author begins to come alive. The exceptionality of the books is found in their application settings, whether being read as discipleship resources, guides to authentic Christian living or as textbooks being used in a classroom. The intended application of the series would really shine in a small group.

Most important, the series allows pure wisdom, sound doctrine and the revelation into who Christ is, what He has done for us, and how we respond to Him, to work into the reader’s soul in the way only the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can.

Each of the four books is worthwhile, whether an entire section is chosen and dissected, pondered or meditated on, or whether a single paragraph is held up as a mirror looking back at us, asking us to consider why we do what we do.

The genius of The Journey is that it courageously fires headlong into every major theological discussion and does so with the acuity of a scalpel—but in a laidback setting such as a small group meeting at Starbucks. And that’s why the series is receiving the kind of notoriety that it is—even to the point that, in several nations, it is in the process of being ratified as a standard and essential doctrinal work alongside such classics as Foundations of Pentecostal Theology.

As an added bonus, FMP sends matching sets in the quantity you order to nations in need of such crucial resources worldwide.

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