Jonathan Griffiths is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.

  Who it's for

Churches that want to create an app to house their local content


  • Price: $800
  • Publisher: Subsplash
  • Platform: mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), web

When the iPhone arrived, the world of connectivity changed dramatically. I owned one of the first models, and I remember how big of a paradigm shift it was for me. Not only could I communicate easily and manage feature-rich productivity apps, but now my phone was a portal to all things web related, and the endless possibilities of mobile apps released a flood of creative solutions.

The Church App delivers your local content ready to listen to, read and interact with in the palms of church members’ hands.

Now, iOS is not the only contender. Android has a major share in the market, and both platforms have fiercely loyal user bases. As church and ministry leaders, we are left with somewhat of a quandary. Although we see the usefulness of a local-church or ministry-specific application, most of us cannot imagine how we would create and maintain an application without an ongoing and major expense on our budgets. And for smaller congregations, it just has not been an option.

But what if it was? What if there was a way to create something particular to your local church, featuring the media content from your sermons, blogs and more, and acting as a central, mobile-ready hub for your community’s events and communications? What if you could leverage the power of the mobile platform to more efficiently and effectively connect with the people you are serving and the people you are trying to reach?

Subsplash, the company behind The Church App, believes they have done just that. Essentially, The Church App provides for church-specific mobile apps what WordPress did for websites. It takes the hassle out of coding, patching and keeping up with the latest operating systems, and lets you focus on the message.

You manage everything from a web page, building your app with the content you want, including your audio and/or video sermons (which can be self-hosted or hosted with Subsplash), and they do the work of packaging it for the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, Amazon’s Appstore and Windows Phone Marketplace. When those operating systems update or application patches are needed, they do that, too—so you’re not left with another hat to put on, another skillset to learn and another major job on your schedule.

Also integrated is a Bible feature that ties to the LifeNotes reading plan developed by Foursquare Pastor Wayne Cordeiro and used by many of our Foursquare churches.

Pricing is based on feature set, and each package has a setup fee and a monthly subscription fee. Foursquare churches even receive a 20 percent discount off the setup fee when using the promo code FOURSQUARE.

Users who download your church’s newly created app will have your local content ready to listen to, read and interact with in the palms of their hands. Push notifications remind people of important events or breaking news. It’s your ministry, extended.

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