Caleb Tyler is founder and lead pastor of The Refuge (Corona Foursquare Church) in Corona, Calif.

  Who it's for

Pastors, discipleship groups, small groups


  • Price: $12.95
  • Publisher: Miller Tribe Publishing
  • Format: 218 pages, softcover and e-book

Written from the heart of a pastor, Total Life Pursuit: Living Remarkably in the Six Major Areas of Life paints a clear vision of health and fitness spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and financially.

Author Terry Miller, who serves as senior pastor of Hope Chapel (Orange Coast Foursquare Church) in Costa Mesa, Calif., firmly establishes the biblical case for what he calls “total” life discipleship and spiritual formation. The concepts are accessible, practical and transformational. Terry, a pastor first and a certified fitness trainer second, offers compassion and passion as he gives us what we need to begin, no matter where we are on the spectrum.

Packed full of excellent, well-researched data, the book never bogs down the reader in information overload. Rather, it is written in a conversational style that is easy to digest yet deep enough to cause meaningful introspection and godly conviction.

Total Life Pursuit is a holistic approach to discipleship, embracing areas not often covered in traditional discipleship approaches. The author encourages readers toward discipleship in all the areas of life that count: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational and financial. This focus will produce true prosperity.

Whether they are new believers or mature disciples, readers will find encouragement and motivation as Terry helps them set goals that are achievable. Indeed, I believe the Holy Spirit will show us, as a Christian culture, how to live more fully for Him, for our spheres of influence and for ourselves—and this book can help to facilitate that.

Total Life Pursuit, when combined with the personal instruction in Terry’s “semshops” (seminars/workshops), provides pastors and leaders a unique opportunity to create an environment in which people are trained to pursue the abundant life Christ has provided for them, not just in biblical knowledge attainment but complete life transformation. The potential benefits are many and much to be desired.