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This review was written by The Foursquare Church and last updated on October 14, 2013

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pastors and leaders struggling with personal issues or addictions


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Ministry leaders often get so busy that they forget to take care of themselves, which can lead to personal disaster, say Robby Booth and Chuck Shoemake, directors of Foursquare’s Centers for Spiritual Renewal. General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo notes that it is a priority of The Foursquare Church to care for our pastors so that this does not happen.

In this session filmed during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Foursquare General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo and Gary Dunahoo, senior pastor of LightHouse Church (Newbury Park Foursquare Church) in Newbury Park, Calif., interview Robby Booth and Chuck Shoemake, directors of Foursquare’s two Centers for Spiritual Renewal (CSR), about current trends in pastoral care.

Citing an extensive study, Robby, who oversees CSR-West in Los Angeles, says that 47 percent of females and 51 percent of males in the Southwest U.S. have been affected in some way by sexual abuse.

The numbers alone are staggering, but Robby also points out that many of our current pastors and leaders are included in these numbers. If issues such as this are not properly dealt with, people often turn to behavior that is destructive to the leader and to his or her family.

Chuck, director of CSR-East in Christiansburg, Va., is concerned about the number of ministers who leave the ministry because of personal crises, out-of-control addictions or family conflicts. He reminds the audience of the well-publicized statement of H.B. London that every month in the U.S., 1,635 ministers resign their pulpits. Often, these resignations occur because leaders are not equipped to handle their own personal crises.

“We are a sheep before we become a shepherd,” Tammy Dunahoo reminds us, noting that we deal with events from years ago that sometimes are hidden from public view, and that if they are not resolved honestly and in a healthy way, these situations can ultimately erode the core of who we are.

“We must pray against denial,” Tammy insists as she intercedes for our leaders. “We are all broken and cannot be ashamed of that brokenness. Let us speak up before we act out, in Jesus’ name!”

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