Jonathan Griffiths is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.

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Women in leadership, pastors who want to empower women leaders


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The Foursquare Church was founded by a woman and has non-negotiable theological positions on the affirmation of women in ministry leadership. We believe women can minister at any level in which they are called and qualified; qualifications are not gender-specific.

Yet there are still people belonging to our family who struggle with actually practicing the appointment of women in leadership roles within the church.

Rather than ignoring the conversation, Foursquare has been steadily engaging the topic. Through books, leadership communications and video series, our movement has shown that its commitment is not just to a doctrinal stance, but to the real-world outworking of the belief that God calls both men and women to lead in His church.

During this Connection Studio breakout session, recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2015 in Anaheim, Calif., Foursquare Pastors Marion Ingegneri and James Ranger III hold a conversation on sponsoring women leaders.

They share about their own journeys, the challenges that both men and women face in navigating this culturally sensitive issue, and provide practical steps that leaders can take in contending for the place of all leaders at the table of decision-making and direction.

Listen in to the full session and see how you and your church can get beyond the glass floor, the glass ceiling—and our sometimes glass feelings. Learn more by downloading a free MP3 of the full Studio session, “Sponsoring Women Leaders: How to Foster a Culture That Goes Against Religious Culture.”

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