Suzie Genin is an assisting minister at Chapel Valley Community (Madison Foursquare Church) in Madison, Wis.

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children’s worship times, Sunday school, children’s ministry


  • Price: $9.98
  • Record Label: Integrity Music
  • Format: CD, MP3
  • Legnth: 11 songs

Integrity Music’s Shout Praises Kids recently released a new album in their bestselling series, We Belong to Jesus, featuring Jared Anderson and Friends.

Album cover

Jared Anderson, member of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., worship leader and writer of such worship anthems as “Great I Am,” “Rescue” and “Amazed,” says, “I absolutely loved joining New Life Worship Kids leading our congregation in the worship experience captured on We Belong to Jesus.” This project is filled with fun, praise, faith and hope, and truly captures Anderson’s passion for worship.

Shout Praises Kids typically makes their music available on DVD with on-screen lyrics, stereo and split-track versions of all the songs, and it’s no different with this new release. Although I did not review the DVD, I can assume it is great simply because the music on CD is so awesome.

New Life Church did a great job of creating an album that can be enjoyed by everyone, not just kids. From the choir of 135 kids singing in all of the songs to a wonderful rendition of “ ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” this album was a hit with the whole family.

As a parent and a pastor, I listen to music to see if kids can actually sing along, if there will be substance to what they are signing, and if the songs are catchy enough to keep them wanting more. With this project, the answer to all is a resounding yes.

Standout tracks include “We Belong,” “Strong God” and “Dance Dance Shake It Up/It Was for Freedom.”

“We Belong,” has a twangy, Taylor Swift feel that is super catchy and has words you want children to know as well as proclaim: that they not only belong, but belong to Jesus.

I found myself snapping and swaying as I listened to “Strong God,” the title track of New Life Church’s recent release, which was a personal favorite. I loved hearing kids echoing the words “this is our strong God, this is our strong God.”

We Belong to Jesus is great for worship within the context of church ministry, or even just at home with your kids. Either way, I believe it will be a hit.