Jonathan Griffiths is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.

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Worship leaders, pastors looking for new worship songs


  • Price: $9.99
  • Label: Sherry Muchira
  • Format: MP3
  • Length: 11 songs

There is something going on in the Northwest with Foursquare’s organic worship movement.

Sherry Muchira’s worship-filled album is quickly becoming a Foursquare family favorite.

After discovering Foursquare United Generation  from Puyallup, Wash., I’ve now been introduced to Sherry Muchira, who serves as worship pastor at Mill Creek Foursquare Church in Lynnwood, Wash. When I sat down for coffee with Christopher Manginelli, lead pastor at Mill Creek, he introduced Sherry to me as “his favorite worship leader ever.”

Listening to the opening refrains of “I Used to Be a Child,” I understand why. It isn’t just the warmth and strength of Sherry’s vocal delivery, or the excellent musical arrangements, or even the powerful and mature lyrics that make All Things New an utterly outstanding worship album.

In charismatic circles, we can overuse words, but sometimes you just have to say it plainly: This collection of songs is anointed. I’ve wept through them, been strengthened by them as I’ve come into the Lord’s presence, and been deeply encouraged that the Lord is stirring up worship rooted in Scripture and offered with excellence, from within our Foursquare family.

Songs such as “My Love Is a Response” hold to a grander view of, and engagement with, the love of God than is often displayed in contemporary corporate worship songs. The arrangement is anthemic, and instead of magnifying our response, it is God’s love that is held up on display, freeing us to worship more fully as we remember that He loved us when we did not even know Him.

Other tracks give space to Sherry’s tender vocals and piano playing, such as on “Quiet” and “Grace, Grace, Grace,” and would serve perfectly in ministry settings. Others are better considered for devotional use, such as “Lay Me Down.”

For me, the standouts are “Hope,” “Peace” and the breathtaking rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Were You There,” as the vocals hover over a wash of atmospheric pads and reverbs before breaking forth like a new dawn into a bridge that considers the resurrection, the death of death, and the life of Christ in us now. Are you looking for next Easter’s theme song? This might be the one you need to incorporate.

There is not one wasted note or word on All Things New. At times it is ripe with passion, and at others almost trembling in its vulnerability. Sherry Muchira has made a gift of which you should receive, and keep receiving.

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