Jonathan Griffiths is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.

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Have you ever tried to reseat a screw with your car keys? Or knock a tent peg in with a can of beans? Or open that can of beans with a nearby rock? Using the right tool for the right job is something we recognize as fundamental to successful outcomes. So, what tool does God want us to employ in these dark days to reach, equip and train people for His kingdom?

Pastor Jerry Dirmann

There are a lot of different tasks in our work to fulfill the Great Commission—reaching people with the Good News, equipping people to follow Jesus, training leaders, planting churches, sending people to new nations and groups—and somewhere along the way, we can get the impression that we need a million different tools to do a million different jobs.

But what if it is simpler than that, and what if there is one tool that fits every job with precision?

Jerry Dirmann, lead pastor of The Rock (Anaheim Foursquare Church) in Anaheim, Calif., and creator of the Operation: Solid Lives discipleship materials, believes in the sufficiency of God’s timeless tool: the Scriptures. 

Opening up Isaiah 60:1-5, his appeal during Foursquare Connection 2015 in Anaheim, Calif., was for our confidence to be in God’s power and His Word to bring freedom and life to all people.

Watch Jerry Dirmann’s Connection 2015 talk, “Sent to Multiply Disciples,” and discover the power of God’s Word in the discipling of those we are called to reach.

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