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Foursquare Pastor Ricky Temple says that every now and then, leaders need to take a step back from their role and ask about their own health, on every level. “How do I respond to difficult situations?” he asks. “Can God put me through challenging circumstances without me complaining or compromising?”

In this teaching session filmed during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Foursquare Pastor Ricky Temple tackles several practical issues of leadership using the life of Joseph (Gen. 37-50) as his text. He hopes every ministry leader will learn from Joseph’s example how to live a healthy life for the long haul.

Watching this video should be mandatory for every new leader. Established leaders would do well to voluntarily revisit the content of Pastor Ricky’s message on a regular basis.

He notes that Joseph faced betrayal and isolation, yet stuck by his convictions and did not complain. Joseph did not become bitter or hold grudges.

Pastor Ricky exhorts leaders to not be impressed with their own success, and never use difficulty as an excuse for bad behavior.

Every church leadership team should engage the principles of this session. The substance of Pastor Ricky’s message can be life-changing and formative for every leader. He exhorts leaders to live the kind of life where others can see that they are truly focused on what matters most to God—that is a life well lived in alignment with the character of God.

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Go here to watch the full 30-minute session, “Ricky Temple: Leadership Health for a Lifetime.”

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