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The following are downloadable versions of the resources available in the MAP Tool Shed.

The MAP is a church planter training tool created with the intention of allowing for flexibility and creativity. This requires an environment where relationship and context determine design.

The Four “D” Process:

Genuine discovery requires that one answers first questions first, like, “What really matters?” and “What has God said?” It is important to not rush too quickly to the questions of “How will we do this?” and “What practical value is this?”

This stage puts visual and emotional substance to what has been discovered about oneself, one’s mission and one’s community. Dreaming incorporates and integrates one’s highest aspirations for the church one seeks to plant, the local district’s vision for its community, the values of the Foursquare family and the changeless characteristics of the New Testament church into a compelling and visual image. As we dream, we take into account these facets of our partnering relationships.

This stage puts a simple structure and schedule to the implementation of one’s dreams. A design for how the church plant will unfold in time serves the planter and their partners. Everyone has a common road map. A well-conceived design includes a plan for launch, a plan for team development and a schedule of activities that is consistent with what one has discovered and dreamed.

Working the plan is a process of partnership between the planter, their coaches and sponsors, the sponsor’s district office and the Holy Spirit. “Delivery” requires the attention of an entire team of spiritual parents and mentors. The first year of the new church plant should not be characterized by isolation and independence, but by a spirit of collaboration and accountability. 

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The following are downloadable versions of the resources available in the MAP Tool Shed. If you have any questions about any of these resources, contact the Church Multiplication Office.

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